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MLUYT: Nothing But Theives' Joe Langridge-Brown

On tour and in Travelodge with Nothing But Thieves’ Joe Langridge-Brown. Mate, lend us your tweezers

What’s the must-have product in your wash bag at the moment?
Definitely a bottle of shampoo. We stay at Travelodge a lot, and those little foam things they have in the showers just don’t cut it.

Is it important for a musician to look good?
I come from the Foo Fighters’ school of thought where we all just rock up in whatever we want, and it kind of comes together. We did one music video where we all wore matching red suits – for Ban The Music – which was cool.

How do you combat sweats on stage?
We haven’t found a way to yet. I’m tempted to get a fan. If I have a fan and I’m playing a solo, it’ll be like the ’80s with my hair blowing everywhere. I’d have to be careful not to look like Bon Jovi.

What’s your signature scent?
This probably sound gross but I don’t have one. I’m au naturel!

Any grooming tips you can give us?
Um, shave a bit, brush your teeth? I don’t spend too long grooming. With my hair, I wash it, let it dry, and just put some Fudge in it.

Do any of your band mates have any weird grooming habits?
Dom plucks his eyebrows. That’s not confirmed, but I have my suspicions.

Nothing But Thieves’ self-titled debut album is now out via RCA Victor