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Miles Teller’s Training Torture

Bleed For This star tells Scarlett Russell how he dropped from 19% to 6% body fat

Miles Teller has revealed the gruelling training regime he endured to play fighter Vinny ‘Paz’ Pazienza in ace new boxing movie Bleed For This.

The film is a passionate portrayal of the real-life boxer who won two world titles in the 1980s and then earned legendary status after overcoming a severe spinal injury, going on to win in the ring once again. Paz had broken his neck in a car crash and was told he’d likely never walk again, let alone box.

Bleed for this Miles Teller ()


And getting in shape to convincingly play the fighter was a tough task for rising star Teller.

“I was filming two other movies during the preparation so I’d work out in my trailer whenever I got the chance,” Teller told FS magazine. “Mike [Michael B Jordan, star of Creed] and I were both filming Fantastic Four when we started getting in shape for our boxing movies. Mike was putting on weight and was eating a lot more while I was having to lose weight and eat pounds of salmon and lettuce. Then I started shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I found a spot where they train LSU [Louisiana State University] players and I went in infra-red saunas wearing a sweat-suit. Anything I could do to burn fat, basically. I’d just make the most of wherever I was. Then I went into full-training mode.”

‘Full-training mode’ had Teller on a diet of egg whites, chicken, avocado, sundried tomatoes, peppers and spinach (“my only carbs were from vegetables”) while training included four hours of boxing per day, followed by two hours of weight training. Often a two-hour hike would be thrown in for good measure.

Bleed for this Miles Teller ()


“I had to make sure I was burning more than I was eating and I wasn’t eating very much,” Teller tells us. “Every couple of days I’d need physical therapy, too, because I had a knee problem coming up.”

The transformation resulted in Teller shredding down to 6% body fat (from 19%) but, as Paz progressed from Lightweight to Super Middleweight throughout the time period the film is set, Teller’s weight fluctuated over filming, too. “Vinny’s weight was something like 168lbs when we start the movie and 183lbs by the end, so I had to put on the weight on in two and a half weeks.”

Bleed For This is in cinemas from 2 December.

For the full Miles Teller interview, buy the January issue of FS, on sale December 20.


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