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Jacket all in

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to make a statement with your jacket this season...

When Drake came to London last year he got a bit carried away; he hung out with Skepta, began talking like a local and started wearing a load of Stoney, eventually taking clothes from his new favourite label back to Canada. If it’s good enough to withstand a winter in his native Toronto, then it’s warm enough for wherever you live. You also get to look like a rapper, or a football casual, if that’s more your thing. 

 Stone Island Sherpa jacket at flannels

Sherpa Jacket £1,095 Stone Island at Flannels

Orland Quilted moncler x AM jacket at Flannels

 Orlando Quilted jacket £1,220  moncler x AM I at Flannels


Alpha industries nasa jacket Flannels ()

Inspector Jacket £185 Alpha Industries at Flannels // Nasa Ma 1 Flight Jacket £160 Alpha Industries at Flannels


Low brand bomber jacket, Maison Margiela biker leather jacket flannels  ()

Biker Leather Jacket £2,440 Maison Margiela at Flannels // Bomber Jacket £335 Low Brand at Flannels


Practical and Beautiful

Because every man should have a practical classic to turn to in winter.

During the autumn and at the dawn of spring you probably want to pick a jacket that’s a bit lighter – we’re talking transitional stuff like a bomber or a piece of sportswear. But in the depths of winter you can’t mess about, you’ve gotta just wrap up and get from A to B as quickly as possible, so it makes sense to opt for something lined or woollen. Hopefully the spread of stuff here gives you enough options.   

Mohsin wool overcoat

Mohsin wool overcoart £850 LN-CC

Groundhog jacket YMC at Cruise

Groundhog jacket £250 YMC at Cruise

Valentino Rockstud Camel Coat flannels, Double breasted Folk Peacoat, Our legacy classic coat flannels ()

Rockstud Camel coat £2,000 Valentino at Flannels // Double Breasted Peacoat  £375 FOLK at Flannels // Classic Coat £600 Our Legacy at Flannels

Carharrt Penn camouflage jacket, Canada goose carson parker coat, Barbour fog parka flannels ()

Penn Camouflage Jacket £115 Carharrt at Cruise // Carson Parka Coat  £675 Canada Goose at Flannels // Fog Parka £279 Barbour at Flannels

Yes, Bossman

Work wear has gone mainstream, again.

US coaches may be a voice of authority, but no-nonsense, gum-chewing, baseball cap-wearing, middle-aged men make unlikely style icons. The jacket sported by American football coaches during the early 90s has transcended the sporting arena and become a full-blown style staple. 

Today they’re an established smart-casual item but they received early street-cred endorsement from Compton hip-hop group NWA, who regularly wore them during their brief but influential spell at music’s summit. Dr Dre, Eazy-E and Ice Cube were pushing varsity jackets, black sweatpants and LA Raiders caps long before their more recent revivals. 

Traditional coaches’ jackets tended to go heavy on logos and branding, with the name of the team or the high school emblazoned across the back, but these days you can get much more low key versions that maintain the silhouette but tone down the  big logos.  

On a more practical level, they’re perfect for that window when it’s slightly chilly for just a jumper but a bigger coat will make you sweaty. Yeah and you get to look like a boss, literally.

Ebbets field windbreaker oneness

Ebbets Field wind breaker $220 Oneness

Working on a budget? A great coat doesn't have to cost the earth, check out these awesome vintage jacket finds...


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