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Live like a king

Can’t face an eighth consecutive visit to The Strip? Sick of drinking out of buckets in Lineker’s bar? Then why not go to one of these dramatic European destinations, popularised by their appearance in television behemoth Game Of Thrones. 

Seville, Spain

The Alcázar of Seville is the setting for Dorne Palace and its gardens (below), where House Martell’s women dream of ways to kill Lannisters. Just over an hour away is the Plaza del Toros in Osuna, which was the Mereen fighting pit that Daenerys flies out of on her dragon when things get a bit hairy with the Sons of the Harpy.

Alcazar of Seville Dorne Palace Game of Thrones ()


Girona, Spain

An hour north of Barcelona, you’ll find Ryanair’s “Barcelona” airport – ye olde walled city of Girona. In GoT, that’s Oldtown and Braavos, home of the Iron Bank. It’s also the location of the Great Sept in King’s Landing (below), where Cersei started her infamous walk of shame. 

Girona Spain the Great Sept ()


Dubrovnik, Croatia

This UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as King’s Landing, is full of recognisable GoT backdrops, from King Joffrey’s wedding (and murder) to Blackwater Bay. You’ll also have a chance to recreate Cersei Lannister’s naked walk of shame through the streets.

Essaouira, Morocco

A few hours west of Marrakech, you’ll find chilled-out seaside town Essaouira, AKA Astapor, part of Slaver’s Bay and home to the Unsullied. If you’re heading to Morocco, check out Aït Benhaddou, too, a well-preserved fortified town that doubles as slave city Yunkai.  

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Lots of Season One locations are on beautiful party rock Malta, including Fort Manoel. In Westeros, it’s the place where Ned Stark was beheaded. Before they chopped his head off, Ned was imprisoned in the dungeons of the Red Keep, which is Fort St Angelo in real life. 

Northern Ireland’s east coast

This area is absolutely rammed with Westeros landmarks. Old Castle Ward, an hour south of Belfast, is Winterfell; Ballintoy is the Iron Islands; the Dark Hedges are the Kingsroad; and Cushendun Caves were part of the Stormlands, where Melisandre gave birth to the shadow baby.

Northern Island Game of Thrones ()


Split, Croatia

When Daenerys’ dragons get feisty, she locks them away in the basement of Diocletian’s Palace in Split. And in the cliffs above the city is Klis Fortess, where the outdoor shots of Mereen are filmed.


Home of the Wildlings, and frosty habitat of the White Walkers. In the north is Grjótagjá, a cave with a thermal spring where you can get it on like Jon Snow and Ygritte in Season Three (maybe choose a quiet spot away from tourists). You can go hiking in Vatnajokull National Park and check out some mighty glaciers.

Iceland game of thrones ()






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