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E–asy rider

With the UK set to introduce Ultra Low Emissions Zones in 2020, switching to an electric vehicle could seriously pay off. At least, that’s our carefully-rehearsed excuse for spunking three grand on this awesome e-bike. Hailing from Czech Republic, the 34mph Kuberg Freerider is light, rugged and quite possibly the best e-vehicle since Clarkson transformed a milk float into the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust.  

Kuberg Freerider electric bike ()



Kuberg has fitted the Free Rider with fat, 20in Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyres built for tackling tough terrain. You’ll be able to stop on a dime, too, thanks to specially hardened hydraulic disc brakes that won’t overheat. 

Kuberg Freerider suspension ()



Popping wheelies or jumping ravines Evel Knievel-style should be a doddle thanks to a Manitou Dorado Expert front fork with 18cm of travel and a DNM Burner rear shock (below). Expect a soft(ish) landing. 

Kuberg Freerider battery ()



The 22Ah battery, positioned under the seat, delivers about an hour of muddy fun (the heavier the rider, the less time it lasts). To recharge it, simply hook the bike
up to the mains for two and a half hours. 

Kuberg Freerider electric motor ()



OK, so this 8kW motor – which makes about 11 horsepower – looks pretty anaemic. But because this bike is so insanely light (36kg), one twist of the throttle and you’ll be off like a firework. 


Convincing dirt bike fans to forsake their gas-guzzlers is a big ask. But the 123cm wheelbase, which ensures a perfect centre of gravity, plus a  powder-coated steel tube frame, make a compelling argument. 

Kuberg freerider iphone buttons ()



Connect the optional wireless dongle to the bike, and you can use an iOS or Android app to monitor the battery level, track average speed or g-force, share your ride info and tweak performance settings. 

£2,900  freerider.kuberg.com


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