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Kick back with James Ward-Prowse

The England U21 captain and Southampton midfielder tells us how he winds down from the hustle and bustle of the Premier League

Golden balls

My hero when I was growing up was David Beckham. His characteristics as a leader and technical ability as a footballer were so impressive.

He was a big influence on the way I play. I remember going to watch him a few times, playing at St Mary’s, or I’d watch him on TV a lot as a kid. Straight after the game, I’d go out to the garden and try to replicate his free kicks. I’d still love to meet him and see if he’s got any tips for me.

David Beckham free kick ()


DJ van Dijk

Most of the lads like their R&B, rap, hip-hop… house music as well. Virgil van Dijk’s got a good repertoire of tunes on his phone, so he’s the leader in that department. He puts something on before a game to get us pumped up and focused. José Fonte used to be in charge of music and I wouldn’t say his tunes are bad, but Virgil’s are better. 

The Iron Throne

I’m a massive Game Of Thrones fan. If I ever want to chill out I’ll re-watch an old episode. Series six was great and I looked forward to the next one each week. I had a feeling Jon Snow would come back to life after the end of series five; he’s too important a character and they’ve killed off quite a few main ones already.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones ()



I’m a big food lover. I like to try different styles of foods, whether it’s Thai, Italian or Japanese. There’s a sushi place in Winchester called Kyoto, which is really nice. It’s a healthy style of food too, which helps.

Coasting along

It’s nice to take a break and get away for a while when you can. I went to America over the summer. I played in a tournament there when I was 14, and I always wanted to go back, rent a big car and just see as much of it as I could.

Roue 66 sign ()


Appy families

I play the Heads Up! game quite a bit with my family. It’s a bit like charades. It’s a fun one to play, with everyone acting like idiots trying to explain the clue.

Hanks for the memories

Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors, I always enjoy anything he’s in. He’s a really clever actor; Saving Private Ryan is one of my favourite films. I’ve never seen Band Of Brothers but I’m about to start watching that after I finish Entourage.

Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan ()



We’ve got a two-year-old cat called Simba. He’s good company, the house wouldn’t be the same without him around. My sister picked the name, it’s from the Lion King as he looks like a little lion.

James Ward-Prowse's cat Simba ()


Out on the fairway

My favourite sport to watch other than football is golf. It’s a nice way to relax. When the sun comes out, I like to play on some of the nice courses down south in the New Forest with a few of the lads, but I’m a fair weather golfer. I’m always rooting for the British lads in the Masters and other big tournaments, and I always watch the Ryder Cup when it comes around.

Thumb wars

Xbox is a good way to wind down. I play with a few of the lads here and it’s good to do something completely different to what you normally do. We play FIFA and Call Of Duty mainly, and a new game called The Division.

The Division ()



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