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Joe Wicks: You need to put in the hours

We used to call him "No Ordinary Joe" when he was in Forever Sports Magazine. And we weren't wrong. Now, the fitness and nutrition guru has the world at his feet. For the first time, The Body Coach Joe Wicks shares the secrets of his success to help you to reach your goals, no matter what they are. Here's the first one, and we'll be sharing more throughout the month, but you'll find the other 10 in May's Forever Sports magazine right now.

Put in the man hours

"I suppose people might look at me now and think I’m a bit of an overnight success, but it’s taken so many years for me to get here. From the early days when I first started on social media, when you’ve got no one listening to you, you have to believe in what you’re doing and keep going.

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"Even when I was a personal trainer, I committed so much time to my clients and I was always so dedicated to them. I wouldn’t pick the hours that would suit me – I would be doing the 6am starts, the evening boot camps and then the PT sessions after them. You have to commit to it fully, too; once I commit, I want to be the best at what I’m doing and I’ll work hard to make that happen.

"For me, I put in hundreds of hours on social media. It’s not even the videos I post; I’m permanently glued to my phone. Even now I am. It’s six or seven hours a day just scrolling through comments, making sure I can get back to people. It’s maintaining that level of attention and making sure it’s authentic. My followers have allowed me to do all the things I’m doing now, so I’ve always got to appreciate them and give them something back."

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