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'Appy holidays

Forget combination locks and lost luggage, this case makes jet setting easy.

Suitcases that autonomously follow you around, unlock with a fingerprint and even climb stairs already exist. But, unfortunately, most of them are plug-ugly and cost more than a month in Barbados.

The stylish Horizn Studios Model M Cabin Trolley, however, is on-trend, charges your phone, can be tracked via GPS, and doesn’t cost about the same as a plane-load of jet fuel.


The price includes free access to a Personal Travel Assistant app, which tracks flights, eases the check-in process, and recommends cool local bars when you arrive.


This high-tech suitcase has an inbuilt removable battery and two USB ports, allowing travellers to recharge their mobile devices up to four times.

£260  horizn-studios.com

Horizn Studios Model M Cabin Trolley ()