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VR mega drone

This new virtual reality drone is no ordinary toy…

The Ghostdrone 2.0 VR more than lives up to its badass name. The flying ’bot can cruise at a height of 1km, and is fully controlled with a smartphone: you simply tilt your mobile in the direction that you want the drone to float.

To get the best out of the 4K video camera mounted beneath the rotors, slip on the virtual reality headset. That’ll give you a drone’s-eye view of whatever you’re filming. Look up, and the camera looks up – thus turning your eyeballs into an extension of the drone. So awesome that it hurts.

Crash landing

If you’ve ever mucked about with a drone, you’ll know that they’re easy to crash. But this one comes with a one-year ‘no fault’ warranty: you break it, they fix it. Insanely generous.

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