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Bomb the bass

The earth-shaking 108dB speaker you can actually feel.

That siren you can hear is the sound of da police – and they’re probably coming to tell you to turn this wireless speaker down. The gold-plated Devialet Phantom blasts out 4,500 watts, which is about what’d you hear if you put your ear to a Harley’s exhaust pipe. Unlike Harley, however, Devialet promises ‘zero distortion’ for sweeter beats.

Feel the music

The embedded ‘Heart Bass Implosion’ tech reproduces bass at frequencies so low you can ‘feel’ the physical impact of the soundwaves.

According to Devialet, the Phantom's game-changing sound is possible because it "uses a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers". They're pretty protective of it, too – it's covered by 102 patents. 

Precious metal

It's not just about the bass though. According to Devialet, the Gold Phantom’s new Titanium Tweeter is made of the purest Titanium available - Grade 1. Which is supposedly the best material for a high-performance tweeter, because it has a strength-density ratio among the highest in the metallic elements.

And, if you're feeling particularly flash, Gold Phantom is available with an exclusive 22-carat rose gold-plated finish.


Devialet Phantom Gold ()

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