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Do you even lift, Brobot?

Meet your new personal trainer...

What does the future hold? Threesomes with sex-robots, probably. It doesn’t bear thinking about, but here’s a more wholesome metal buddy to play with: the Ubtech Alpha 1S.

This little man was so pleased to see us that he danced, Gangnam Style, and threw a jaw-dropping karate kick. The walking, talking humanoid made a great personal trainer, too. His fitness routine included stretches, squats and yoga positions. All you have to do is copy him.

Good luck keeping up with his one-handed press-ups, though; it was a relief when his battery died and he collapsed into a lifeless heap.

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This robot stands 40cm tall and has 16 high-precision servo joints, so he can dance, punch, play football and mimic human movements. No idea why he has such evil eyes…


Teach this ’bot new skills by downloading programs from an app. Or, you can re-position his limbs to create new moves to be shared with other owners