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This homemade hoverbike is insane

If you haven’t heard of Colin Furze, he’s a slightly mad garage inventor with seemingly zero regard for health and safety, and the stuff he makes is awesome. But this time he’s outdone himself with a working hoverbike

He controls the bike by shifting his bodyweight. Essentially you lean or place your weighting the direction you want to go. 

The lift comes from a couple of two-stroke engines attached to rotor blades. It has no seat, brakes or steering, but that hasn’t stopped Furze from tearing around on his new contraption.

"When both engines are in sync this is quite a stable machine,” he says

“To the people that predicted it would flip over, I’m sorry but it's never even come close to doing that.

"The fact the hoverbike worked at all is a miracle, which proves you should try stuff even if you think you know the outcome."

If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth checking out Colin Furze's youtube channel, which includes his other crazy inventions such as the jet bike, automatic wolverine claws and thermite launcher.


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