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37 must-know life hacks (11-24)

Fed up of life’s little niggles? Tired of the inconveniences that drag you down on a daily basis? Sick to the back teeth of your trousers falling off the hanger? Or never having duct tape around when you most need it? Fear not. We’re about to make your existence an absolute doddle, thanks to this collection of the greatest life hacks known to man. Here are the 11 to 23. If you missed them, check out our first 10 life hacks here...

11. Keep keys safe

(by tying them into your laces)

And thus ending the conundrum that’s faced runners since the dawn of time – hands, pocket or stashed in mesh pants?

12. Stop shin splints

(by writing the letters of the alphabet)

With your foot, of course. This helps to strengthen the calf muscles, thus preventing problems, and can be done at your desk. 

Duct tape shoe ()


13. Tape up

(for dry tootsies)

Put duct tape over the toes of your running shoes. It stops water from seeping in during wet and windy runs.

14. Freeze a quarter-full bottle

(and always have ice-cold water)

Just keep it in the freezer and top up before hot and sweaty gym sessions.

15. Carb cycle

(for building muscle and stripping fat)

Alternate your diet, with high carbs (rice, potatoes, fruit) for training days and low carbs (chicken, fish, egg whites) for days off.

16. Prepare all the week’s meals in a day

(to save time and ensure you eat well)

  • On Sunday, plan the workouts you’ll be doing in the week ahead. Determine the precise daily calories and fuel you’ll need
  • Though it depends on your goals, a good rule for meals is a serving of protein with carbs, or with healthy fats, every 3-4 hours
  • Prepare the meals and store in quality containers. Organise the fridge to make the week that bit easier 
Avoid blisters ()


17. Stop “new shoe” blisters

(with roll-on deodorant on the foot)

Roll over the sides and heel of your foot. It clogs up the moisture and stops painful friction.

18. Use hair conditioner

(to re-stretch T-shirts)

Because let’s face it, we’ve all ballsed-up a wash. Soak shrunken tees in warm water with conditioner, then stretch back to original size.

19. Keep creases out of your shirts

(with ice cubes)

Pop some cubes in the dryer – the heat releases moisture from the ice and flattens out the material. 

Iron collar with straighteners ()


20. Iron your collar

(with the missus’ hair straighteners)

A blindingly-obvious-now-you-say-it method of taking on man’s most natural enemy – ironing his work shirt first thing Monday morning. 

Saville row fold trousers ()

21. Hang your trousers like a gentleman 

(with the "Saville Row Fold")

Henry Herbert Tailors explain the method passed down through generations of the world’s finest suit makers.

  • Lay trousers flat, folded lengthways along the creases so they form one long column
  • Pick trousers up, holding them by the edge of the bottom hem
  • Hold the trousers with one leg on either side of the hanger rail
  • Loop the left leg over the hanger bar. Feed through until the bottom hem hits just above the crotch
  • Do the same with the right leg so it sits on top of the first. Your trousers should now be perfect 

22. Pack your suit without wrinkling

(by using tissue paper)

Place tissue paper along the back of the jacket, then fold arms in and place trousers at the bottom of the jacket, folding the whole suit into a neat bundle. Put in a plastic bag with air to breathe.

23. Keep colour in our denim

(by freezing it)

Yes, really. It kills bacteria without having to put jeans through the wash and fading them prematurely.


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