Amy Childs at the Virgin London Marathon (Getty Images)Amy Childs at the Virgin London Marathon (Getty Images) © Copyright

Amy Childs // Quick chat

We chat to former TOWIE star Amy Childs about training, vajazzles, the art of selfies and more...

FS: What motivates you to train when you don’t feel like it?

Amy: Kelly, my trainer, going,“You’ve got to do it!”When I train with Kelly, we have a right good laugh. That’s the main thing – you’ve got to look good and have banter.

FS: Are there any exercises that Kelly has to bribe you to do?

Amy: The leg extension. I hate it. I’m like crying, looking at Kelly. It kills me.

FS: What’s more painful, getting beasted by Kelly or getting a vajazzle?

Amy: A vajazzle doesn’t even hurt!

FS: What about the waxing bit you do first?

Amy: That’s a different kind of pain. You get good results from both.

FS: Does anyone say they’re “well jel” of your body?

Amy: Yeah, or “your body’s ream!” It’s a bit cringe. Everyone says “well jel” but I made that word up, so I’m really proud of myself. I think everyone should say it.

FS: What’s trickier… learning correct form for exercise, or learning lines for TOWIE?

Amy: There’s no lines in TOWIE! We didn’t learn any lines!

FS: What takes more skill… doing a good squat or taking a good selfie?

Amy: I’m amazing at selfies. With a selfie, you’ve got to get a good angle, that’s all it is. Yeah, put that in… angle.

FS: What took more effort… training for The Jump or writing your autobiography?

Amy: They were both really hard. But The Jump was awful, I haven’t got the best balance, so I was all over the place. I’ll say The Jump.

FS: What would you rather do in a day… 200 burpees or drink five pints of broccoli juice?

Amy: 200 burpees. I don’t mind burpees.

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