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All the gear you need for Euro 2016

If you’re having your mates over for the football, you need to do it properly. Here’s the kit you’ll need to make the most of Euro 2016

Football brain // adidas micoach smart ball

Adidas micoach smart ball ()


A goal’s a goal, whether it’s walloped in from midfield or scrambled over the line. But if you want to improve your skills, then the adidas miCoach Smart Ball can help. Its built-in sensor provides instant feedback on spin, power and trajectory, data which a companion app then digests into coaching tips and tutorials. An hour’s charge delivers enough battery to record 2000 kicks, tracking your progress from scuffed hoofs to exquisite free kicks.



Beer chiler // SpinChill

Spin chill ()


The SpinChill is man’s second best friend. Attach it to a can of warm beer or soda, shove it in an ice bucket, and the crowd-funded gadget whirrs away, flash-chilling the contents in 60 seconds.



5-a-side foosball // Bonzini Half Giant Football Table

Bonzini half giant foosball table ()

The French firm who invented ‘babyfoot’ are spicing things up ahead of the Euros with this giant, 3.5m multi-player foosball table. You’ll need a lot of friends and some mad skillz.



Super slim TV // SONY XD85 4K HDR

With the Euros and the Rio Olympics set to dominate TV screens this summer, you’re going to need a bad-ass smart TV. Sony’s new XD85 4K HDR uber-box features a barely-there frame design, the latest Ultra HD/4K picture tech and more skills than Ronaldo. Because it runs Android, you can flick between live coverage, Twitter and sports apps in a tick. Oh, and losing the remote is no longer ‘a thing’; your phone doubles as the zapper.



Need something bigger? // EPSON EH-TW5350 projector

Epson EH-TW5350 projector ()


Epson’s swanky new home cinema projector can display over a billion colours, more than enough to accurately replicate the most lurid international kits. Power this beauty up and it throws out a 300-inch picture, turning your boring old lounge into a razzle-dazzle sports bar. With a refresh rate of 192-240Hz, it will cope effortlessly with fast-moving play while the MiraCast function allows you to fling video and photos on the projector via WiFi.



Thin and crispy // Uuni 2S pizza oven

uuni 2s pizza oven ()


Lard-heavy pies have been a half-time ritual since footballs were made from pig bladders, but they take ages to cook at home. So give the lard-cakes a miss and cook yourself a pizza. The magnificent Uuni 2S pizza oven warms up in 10 minutes and cooks 10 slices of cheesy joy in 90 seconds at 900F. Perfectly portable, and ideal for use on campsites or patios, this outdoor oven is even capable of turning out flatbreads, steaks or fish.



360-degree speakers // Samsung R6 Wireless 360 Multiroom

Samsung R6 wireless 360 multiroom speaker ()


Make the most of David Guetta’s opening ceremony performance – and boost crowd noises – with these app-controlled wireless speakers. Ring Radiator tech spreads audio evenly around your room.



Deluxe soundbar // Roberts SB1

Roberts SB1 ()


Not keen on Clive “that night in Barcelona” Tyldesley? Turn down the sound on your telly and listen to the 5Live or TalkSport commentary via this soundbar’s built-in DAB radio.



Ultimate BBQ // The Big Easy SRG

The big easy SRG BBQ ()


Char-Broil’s latest offering claims to be the first ’cue capable of smoking, grilling and roasting. Its futuristic TRU-Infrared cooking system promises ’50% juicier’ meats. Boom.



What a sucker // AirCraft Pilot Max robo vac

Pilot max robo vac ()


After a Euro 2016-themed party your lounge is going to need a thorough clean. To avoid dragging a vacuum cleaner around, you need this robotic slave. The AirCraft Pilot Max robotic vacuum cleaner cleans the average room in 20 minutes, using its ultrasonic sensors to avoid  clattering into human ankles. Extra long side brushes get in to tight corners while ledge sensors prevent your robotic friend from committing staircase suicide.



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