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10 things you didn't know about Kurt Zouma

Kurt Zouma became first-choice centre-back for Chelsea this season, before injury ended his campaign prematurely. We talk to the rising star to find out what makes him tick when he's not on the pitch. 


"I watch SpongeBob with my son, we love SpongeBob! We watch it together. It is his favourite show, but has secretly become one of my favourites too. He understands it, but not everything because he is still young. I watched The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water when I was on a flight, and it was great."


"My middle name is Happy, so people always expect me to be happy, and I am because I enjoy life. Life is short and you have to enjoy it."

Kurt Zouma basketball tweet (Zouma Twitter)



"I love watching NBA basketball, I went to a game at the O2 recently and it was great. I support Oklahoma City Thunder, and really admire Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. I sometimes play a bit but I’m not very good. My height helped when I was at school, as I was tall for my age, but then everybody else grew."


"My wife usually chooses the movies we watch. My favourite is Fast & Furious 6. Action films are the kind of film I like. Anything with Vin Diesel or The Rock – I love these guys."


"I have a few short, quick games on my phone. Sometimes you are travelling with nothing to do, and I like to play these kind of games. ZigZag is one I play at the moment – when you touch your phone, the ball changes direction and you have to get it as far as you can without falling off the edge."

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"My kids are too young to play PlayStation, but my son sometimes sits with me when I’m playing FIFA, so I give him a controller that’s not plugged in and he thinks he is playing the game. I am very competitive, even with video games, so I sometimes shout at the TV. If I have to lose, I lose… but I don’t like it."

Relaxing after a match

"I spend time with my family – my wife and son and daughter. We’ve been married for two years and I am always with them whenever I can be. I love them and they make me happy."

Kurt Zouma with Loic Remy playing for Chelsea ()



"Me and Loïc Rémy are good friends – he comes over to my place sometimes for dinner and we play PlayStation. I love this guy, he is very funny. I didn’t know him before Chelsea, but we get on very well."


"Before a match I put my headphones in, but I listen to all sorts of things. I’m not complicated when it comes to music. If I could see anyone play live it would be Akon or Chris Brown, their last albums were really good."

Pasta and chicken ()


Eating in

"After games, my wife prepares me some chicken with pasta and I love it. I think all that protein is why I am big now, I’m always eating chicken. My wife is a good chef but I cannot cook, no way. I would probably set my house on fire!"

When Forever Sports caught up with Kurt to find out what he gets up to off the pitch, he was supporting the biggest grassroots football tournament in the country – the PlayStation Schools’ Cup. Since its launch, over 150,000 players have been involved. Visit playstationschoolscup.com to find out more


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