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Secrets of Ramsey


We caught up with Aaron Ramsey, speaking at an event hosted by Indesit. The 25-year-old midfielder has just starred for Wales in the Euros. Off the pitch he enjoys fish, chips and breaking world records with golf balls.

Rugger Love

Being Welsh, rugby is bred into you. Rugby was my first sport, and all the schools played it more than football. I had to make a decision early on about which to choose. I love the physicality and the team spirit that goes into rugby.

Animal Magic

I’ve do a bit of work for the World Wildlife Fund. I’m very passionate about animals and trying to raise awareness to stop poaching. I’m just trying to do my bit and make an impact.

For The Watch

Game of Thrones is the only television I’m into at the moment. I wasn’t that happy with the last episode I saw – not enough happened, for me anyway – but otherwise I can’t take my eyes off it.


Getting Battered

My wife cooks all the time, so I’m quite lucky. I probably only have a night cooking once a month. The last thing I did was a Tom Kerridge recipe for fish and chips. That went down very well. I’d have to say that’s my signature dish.

The Great Outdoors

I don’t bother with much tech. As long as I’ve got my phone I’m pretty much OK. I’m more of an outdoors sort of person. I play a lot of golf, so that’s something I’m really into at the moment. We’ve got two dogs – a beagle and a bichon frise – so I enjoy getting out and walking them a lot.

Sleep Like A Baby

Juggling fatherhood and football training has been fine so far. My little boy’s six months old now and we’ve been lucky – he’s slept through from early on. He’s a good baby. But I’m still nervous because you never know!

Record Breaker

I don’t really have any special party tricks, but when I was a guest on A League of Their Own, I broke the world record for keepy-uppies with a golf ball and club. The previous record was to keep the ball up 15 times, but I did it 61 times in 30 seconds.

Relaxing Sounds

I haven’t got any dance moves. I’m just by the bar. I do like my bands though. I’ve just downloaded the latest Drake album. For me music’s more to relax than get pumped up.


My wife and I love Italy. Great people, great country, great weather, great food, so we’ve been to lots of places there. 

Boy Racer

I drive a Range Rover now, but the first car I ever bought was a green Ford Fiesta. It was pretty lively. I was 17 so that immaturity might have got the better of me back then. That’s probably the most outrageous thing I ever bought.

Aaron Ramsey starred alongside Calum Chambers and Per Mertesacker in the Indesit ‘Home Appliance Not Rocket Science’ quiz. Follow Indesit, the Official Home Appliance Partner of Arsenal FC, at facebook.com/IndesitFC and on Twitter and Instagram via @IndesitFC.

Check out this vid of Ramsey's colleagues having a shootout with a giant washing machine... 



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