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Which scent is right for you?

Choosing a new scent can be surprisingly daunting. But fear not, our handy guide will help you make the right decision. Personal fragrance consultant Lee-Ann Hodgekins reckons she can help, it is her job after all... 

Davidoff cool water night dive ()


Our pick: Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive, 75ml, £41

Are you someone who is never without your track shorts and running shoes? You will gravitate to fresh, clean and sporty scents that are more aquatic. “The type of sport you play or activities you engage in can point you towards your signature scent,” says Lee-Ann. “If you spend most of your time on the water, either sailing or surfing, fresh aquatic scents would suit you best.”

Notes to look for: Salt-water, grass, mint, watercress, lily and lemon

Other scents we think you’ll like…

  • Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme, 75ml, £42
  • Aramis Adventurer eau de toilette, 60ml, £38.50
  • Murdock London Renshaw cologne, 100ml, £70 
Carven Vetiver eau de toilette ()


Our pick: Carven Vetiver eau de toilette, 100ml, £70

Are you a party person? Your signature scent is crisp, citrusy and green. “If you’re the life-of-the-party type of person, you will lean towards more in-your-face, vibrant notes like citrus,” explains Lee-Ann. “If you’re a health-conscious fan of nature’s ingredients like salad and fresh fruit, you’re naturally going to prefer fresher scents.”

Notes to look for: Lemon, thyme, basil, lime, orange blossom, mandarin, grapefruit

Other scents we think you’ll like…

  • Joop Jump eau de toilette, 100ml, £50
  • Montblanc Legend Limited Edition eau de toilette, 100ml, £49
  • Jo Malone London Lime, Basil and Mandarin cologne, 100ml, £85 


Aqua di Parma Leather ()


Your signature scent is Acqua Di Parma Colonia Leather eau de cologne, 100ml, £111

Do you like the finer things in life? Sophisticated and refined, but you also like to push yourself and you enjoy extreme sports, so go bold or go home with your scent. “Believe it or not, what you wear can tell you a lot about what kind of cologne you should wear,’ adds Lee-Ann. “If you’re a fan of looking smart – white shirts, good shoes and well-tailored suits – scents that are classic and sophisticated would suit you best.”

Notes to look for: Leather, rum, saffron, bergamot, berries, amber, vetiver

Other scents we think you’ll like…

  • Liquides Imaginaires Bello Rabello, 100ml, £140
  • Fossil 1954 For Men cologne spray, 50ml, £49
  • Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot, 50ml, £145 


Penhaligon No.33 Eau de cologne ()


Our pick: Penhaligon No.33 eau de cologne, 100ml, £95

Are you often found in a cosy sweater and worn-in jeans? You’ll appreciate softer fragrances. “Ever heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat?’ Well that can apply to your signature scent as well,” explains Lee-Ann. “Sounds strange, but taste and scent are so closely linked that if you enjoy eating it, you’ll also enjoy the smell of it. If you like hot and spicy food, you might like colognes that feature cardamom, pepper and coriander.”

Notes to look for: Cardamom, pepper, coriander, cinnamon, sage, ginger, tobacco

Other scents we think you’ll like…

  • Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb eau de toilette, 50ml, £49
  • Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper eau de toilette, 50ml, £39
  • Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge eau de toilette, 100ml, £47 


Hugo Boss Boss the scent ()


Our pick: Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent eau de toilette, 100ml, £64

"Are you someone who is shy? You will tend to gravitate towards more traditional scents with musk and woods,” says Lee-Ann. “If you are also more land-bound and spend most of your time mountain biking or hiking, you would like outdoorsy, organic scents like cedar, oak moss, patchouli and woods.”

Notes to look for: Cedarwood, oak moss, patchouli, woods, musk

Other scents we think you’ll like…

  • DSquared2 He Wood, 100ml, £57
  • Creed Bois Du Portugal eau de parfum, 120ml, £190
  • Comme de Garçons Wonderwood eau de parfum, 50ml, £62 

Photos: Matt Beedle


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