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Big league facials

Wanna spend mad bank on your face? Get on these...

The Detox Facial

This customised facial includes a resurfacing exfoliation, extractions (that’s getting rid of spots; very satisfying) a crystal-free microdermabrasion technique and LED lights to reduce inflammation. It left us feeling properly clean – just like when you splash out on the platinum valet for your car. It’s great for congested skin and blokes prone to breakouts.

£180 (90 mins) We tested at Aesthetics Lab, Primrose Hill, London,

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Arcaya Actives Facial

This is the pick ’n’ mix of the facial world. Choose between microneedling and oxygen, and then a cocktail of ingredients depending on what your skin is like and what you’re wanting to get rid of, whether it’s dark, puffy eyes or spot prone inflammations. This facial is totally pain free and really refreshing, perfect for summer and giving your skin a glow. 

£80-150 (45-60 mins) We tested at Amaranth Clinic, Chiswick

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Possibly the most relaxing techy facial there is, the consultation starts with analysis of your face to decide what Biotec facial is best for you. We tried a Radiance Renew to hydrate tired skin; lots of massaging of the face and head, a gentle ultrasonic peel to get rid of the crap in my skin. The result? Fresh, bright skin and a totally chilled, happy customer.

£110-125 (60 or 90 min) We tested at House of Elemis, Mayfair 

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CACI Synergy Non-Surgical Facial Toning

This techy facial uses different gadgets for tightening and toning skin including micro-current to tone skin, LED lights for rejuvenation and
a wrinkle comb to fill in any lines. There’s no
pain factor, just some small muscle twinges and
a weird metal taste in your mouth as the currents
do their magic.

£150 (90 mins) Available nationwide, we tested at Seduire London,

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