Men's fragrance ingredients; Tom Ford, Cartier, Versace, Jo Malone, The merchant of venice ()Men's fragrance ingredients; Tom Ford, Cartier, Versace, Jo Malone, The merchant of venice () © Copyright

What’s in your bottle?

We take a look at what is going on in your favourite fragrances

Woody notes may sound like the name of a male pornstar, but it’s a very real thing in the confusing world of men’s perfume. Notes refer to the ingredients that make up the scent. We’ve enlisted the help of top perfumer Alberto Morillas to give us his top tips on picking fragrances, and have also selected our five favourite new fragrances. 

Tom Ford – Vert Bohème 

Tom Ford Vert Boheme ()


With citrus notes of Sicilian mandarin, Italian lemon and Calabrese bergamot, this gentle fragrance is blended with floral notes and woody bases with violet leaf bloom that gives this new fragrance the classic Tom Ford twist.

£148 (50ml), Selfridges


The Merchant Of Venice – Venetian Blue 

The merchant of Venice venetian blue apple pepper ()


This Oriental woody fragrance has fresh top notes of lemon and apple, and heart of black pepper with mossy base notes to give this new fragrance an earthy feel.

£120 (100ml), House of Fraser


Cartier – L’Envol de Cartier 

Cartier L'Envol de Cartier honey ()


Cartier’s new offering has a story to tell. The Airy-Woody nectar is inspired by the ancient honey drink of mead, which gave its drinker courage. Mixed with musk, gaiac wood and honey, this oriental fragrance is manly yet soft.

SRP £97 (100ml), Harrods


Versace – Dylan Blue 

Versace Dylan Blue ()


Woody notes mixed with citrus grapefruit and bergamot give this new fragrance a fresh, aquatic feel that will transport you straight to the Med. Notes of black pepper, incense, musk and saffron makes the scent masculine.

£66 (100ml), Debenhams


Jo Malone – Basil and Neroli 

Jo Malone Basil and Neroli ()


One of the manliest additions to the Jo Malone cologne family, the simple yet sophisticated scent has a top note of basil, heart of neroli and base of white musk that makes for a fresh, green fragrance.

£86 (100ml),

Men's fragrance ingredients; Tom Ford, Cartier, Versace, Jo Malone, The merchant of venice ()


Know your cologne

Top perfumer Alberto Morillas gives us his top tips on finding your scent

What’s the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a fragrance?

The important thing is to take one’s time, be surprised and take pleasure in discovering a scent.

If I’m starting from scratch now, building a range of fragrances in my cabinet, what are three essentials I should buy to start?

First, buy a fresh and joyful perfume, something along the notes of orange blossom, bergamot and white musk. Secondly, buy a floral woody perfume with a spot of patchouli and with florals, and third, get an oriental fragrance for those exceptional moments.

Should I go with a fragrance my girlfriend likes or one I like?

Definitely buy a fragrance you like. Sometimes it is nice to discover a fragrance with someone, and create a unique experience so that both parties are happy.

Is it weird or wrong to wear the same fragrance as my dad?

It’s a choice but be warned that it will never smell the same on you as on your father because every skin reacts differently to the alchemy of the creation.

Is there a fragrance to make you smell rich? (Asking for a friend.)

Purchase a perfume that reflects your personality, as that will reflect your wealth and confidence. You’ll project the best kind of wealth – interior wealth, your personality.

What are your favourite notes to work with – and why do we call them notes? 

I like to combine classical notes such as all the naturals with new biotechnological components. But it isn’t just notes I pay attention to. Each product in perfumery has an intonation, a vibration. It is like a musical composer who uses musical notes. As a perfumer myself, I use natural and synthetic products to create a melody.

What do you wear when you want to impress?

I like to wear my latest creations, Mizensir, to see the reactions in the street or among friends.

Is it true that a fragrance smells different on everyone and changes throughout the day?

Absolutely. Each type of skin has a different warmth, or texture, that spreads in a particular manner. The fragrance evolves according to the skin and temperarature.

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