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The Skincare 101

Everything you ever wanted to know (OK, you never wanted to know) about looking after your skin. Trust us, it’s not difficult

Skincare is like so many other areas of life – there’s a big difference between men and women. If your definition of looking after your face is nicking a blob of your girlfriend’s moisturiser every now and again, you need to sort it out.

We admit, when it comes to giving yourself a proper skincare routine it can seem like a jungle out there: a shiny, expensive jungle. There are aisles of products all claiming to doing different things and it can be hard to know what you really need. That’s where we come in. As Sally Penford, Education Manager at International Dermal Institute explains, “Men need to do all the things women do but may have to make different formulation choices. “They tend to have a thicker dermis [skin] and higher levels of oil production, which tends to make their skin generally more resilient. In the most basic terms, men need to wash their skin, exfoliate and hydrate.”

To make it easy for you, we’ve broken down what you need to do into precisely those three steps. We’ve also enlisted the help of some skincare experts whose help will get your face looking flawless, meaning you can keep your hands off your girlfriend’s moisturiser. 

Cleanse Skin 101 ()


Wasn’t your mum always nagging you to wash your face? Well, you still need to wash your face. Except now, instead of a horrible old flannel, you can use some of these products

WTF is it? What it says–basically, cleaning your skin with a lotion, cream or wash. Cleansers remove dirt, sweat and excess oils that build up overnight and throughout the day.There are loads of different types, so you need to decide what you prefer. Some are foamy, some are gels that lather up with water (easy to use in the shower), and others are creams or gels that are applied to a dry face and then removed with cotton wool pads.
How often do I use it? Twice a day, morning and night.
When? Cleanse your face before shaving. It makes it easier and more comfortable. If you’re using a face wash cleanser, the warm water will open up the pores and soften the hairs,too.
Which one should I use? The type and method (washing off or removing with cotton wool) is just down to preference.They all do the same job.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel energising cleanser £17 – Leaves skin feeling less greasy and light. It lasts for ages, too
Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser £35 – A treat for your face, this gel smells amazing
ThaigoMen Cleansing Gel £20.50 This lathers up loads, leaving you feeling clean and fresh 

Tone products Skin care 101 ()


The most neglected step in every man’s grooming routine. Toner refers to a lotion that cleans the skin further, removes excess oils and shrinks the pores. It’s usually a tonic-like liquid applied with a cotton pad, but some are sprayed onto the face, some come in a face mask, and others in a 2-in-1- cleanser product. Apply once or twice a day

We like... 
Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner £27 – Spray onto your face and leave on. It’s refreshing and rehydrates the skin
Anthony Logistics For Men Purifying Astringent Pads £20  Perfect for travelling or the gym. No fuss, no mess, they’re super easy to use
The Body Shop’s Seaweed Clarifying Toner £8.50 Its light formula removes dirt and prepares for moisturising 

Moisturising products ()



WTF is it? Moisturisers and creams are applied to protect skin.They can treat and prevent dryness, protect sensitivity and help with skin texture and tone. They’re also one of the key factors in keeping your skin looking young.
How often do I use it? Apply a small amount of moisturiser to your face and neck twice a day.
When? Every morning and night, after cleansing and toning,this is the final step of your skincare routine.
What one should I use? This depends on your skin type. Check below to see what type of skin you might have but a thorough analysis of your skin by a dermatologist is recommended.

Dry – flaking skin, cracks, itching, tightness and fine pores.
Sensitive – red patches,tingling, stinging, areas of dryness or scaly areas or blemishes.
Combination – has patches of both oily and dry skin. Parts of your face could be dry and flaky while others are shiny and oily.
Normal – smooth skin that does not have problem areas. If you were to wipe a tissue over your face, there would be no traces of oil.
Oily – can look and feel greasy and shiny with enlarged pores. Prone to breakouts.

For combination/normal skin we like Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel £28
For oily skin try Dermalogica’s Active Moist £44.10
For normal skin try Lab Series PRO LS All-In-One £23
For sensitive skin try Nivea For Men Sensitive £6.99


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