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Unisex smells

Perfumes and aftershaves once sat at opposing ends of the same bathroom cabinet. Phallic-shaped trophies with bold text for him; italicised flowery lettering on little bottles for her.

But just like with employment rights and in some sports, the idea of discriminating on gender is starting to wear thin in the fragrance market. Unisex fragrances like Calvin Klein CK2 and Tom Ford’s Black Orchid are proving popular, with even traditionally feminine brands now chasing the lad pound.

Jo Malone (which you may know from your mum’s candle collection) has entered the fray with a limited edition cologne called the Bloomsbury Set, which even looks like a bottle of nail varnish. One scent, Leather and Artemisia , which does smell great, is based on an ‘old wooden library full of leather-bound books.’ We’ll be joining Ron Burgundy in the queue, then!

Bloomsbury set cologne £45, (each, 30ml)

Jo Malone unisex fragrances ()


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