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The right hair for your face

No matter how good Neymar’s new undercut may look, the most important thing to bear in mind when going for the chop, or letting your hair grow, is your face shape. It’s easy to work out what your face shape is by wetting your hair and slicking it back. Your hair texture (if it’s straight, wavy, thick or receding) also has a big impact on what will suit you most  (although there are some genius hair products available to straighten the curliest hair or add volume if it’s thinning). Find your face shape below, and then work out how you can make the most of it 


Face is roughly the same width as length, with a soft jawline

Round face shape ()


  • Create the illusion of volume and add length to the face with a quiff
  • Keep the sides short and your parting off-centre to make the face feel less symmetrical
  • Hairstyles that are messy on top are your friend
  • If you do want longer hair, do NOT centre-part it and tuck it behind the ears

The Product: TIGI Bed Head Motor Mouth, £14, mankind.co.uk  

Tigi Bed Head Motor Mouth ()



Face length is longer than face width. The jawline is rounded

Oval face shape ()


  • Be daring: you can afford to experiment as lots of styles work with this face shape
  • Create angles and structure on top to sharpen up your face’s softness. A hair clay would be good for this
  • Fringes are not your friend and should be avoided
  • Long hair looks great with this face shape – as do man buns

The Product: Aveda Men Grooming Clay, £21, Aveda.co.uk 

American Crew Pomade ()



Width and height are similar but angular. Jawline is fairly sharp

Square Face shape ()


  • Keeping hair short, cropped and neat to the head looks great, and very masculine
  • Centre partings are a no, but a deep side parting will look great
  • A classic undercut is your best bet – and you can keep it sleek or messy
  • Height on top works well. Don’t be afraid to “bouff” it up with a bit of hairspray

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Babylis men clippers ()



Face is quite long. The forehead is wide, the chin is narrow

Diamond face shape ()


  • Fringes or styles that push forward look great on you
  • You don’t want volume, curls or height on the sides of your face – you want it on top
  • Longer hair works well for you, so don’t be afraid to grow it out on top
  • Avoid keeping the hair too straight – add waves with a mousse or a pomade

The product: American Crew Pomade, £13.45, mankind.co.uk 


Round face shape ()



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