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Tried and tested: Facials

Men's grooming is booming, and facials are one of the many treatments on the rise. We used that as an excuse to try a bunch of facials, and there's some pretty interesting stuff on offer. From Oxygen blasts to heating your skin layers with radio waves – see what we thought below.


“I’d recommend having it if you think you’re hard enough” 

Thermage Facial ()


Where? Kosmesis Skin Clinic, EBOPRAS cosmetic plastic surgeon

Who? Karen Buglass

How much? £2,500 for a full face

The treatment Thermage uses unique radio frequency technology to heat the deep layers of your skin. This heating stimulates your body’s natural skin renewal process, which helps to tighten existing, and form new, collagen.  This facial is not for the faint-hearted – it’s intense! It’s excruciatingly painful when the probe sends RF waves into your skin, although the pain is immediately gone thanks to technology that cools your skin down instantly.

The results My face was slightly puffy and red for a few hours, but lots of people have commented on how well I look and the results also got better with time. It definitely works – but I’d only recommend having it if you think that you’re hard enough.


Elizabeth Arden Oxygen Blast

“Perfect for a lunch break or before a big night out” 

Elizabeth Arden oxygen ()


Where? Selected Elizabeth Arden counters

Who? Chantelle Horton

How much? £15 for 15 minutes

The treatment This is the only facial I’ve ever had where I’ve come out not looking like I’d either been stuck in a sauna or massaged in oil. It’s fast, and there’s no skin contact or massage involved, so it’s perfect for a lunch break or a quick perk before a night out. The therapist holds a buzzing silver pen thing over your face and what feels like cold air is lightly sprayed onto it. The gun pen blasts you with oxygen-rich serum, which plumps and brightens skin. It’s relaxing without sending you to sleep and it’s really refreshing, so good for the summer.

The results My skin definitely felt refreshed and clean afterwards. It’s a short-term boost, so the effects had gone after a few days, but sometimes that’s all you want. Great price, too.


Skinbreeze Skin Rejuvenation Facial

“The vibrating stick came as a surprise” 

Oxygen blast ()


Where? The Salon, London Bridge

Who? Zoe Birdsall

How much? Prices start from £95 for one hour

The treatment If you’re looking for an hour of relaxation and whale music, this is not for you. This treatment uses three bits of equipment to rejuvenate your skin, including a bright light and a vibrating stick (not as dodgy as it sounds, but it did come as a surprise). The machine was quite loud but the treatment was totally pain-free and soothing. A vitamin serum is also applied to the skin to give it a boost.

The results My skin was noticeably smoother and had a glow, even a few days later.


Dermapen for Acne Scarring 

Dermapen for Acne scarring ()


Where? Chelsee Lewis – beauty facialist at Nicky Clarke

Who? Paul Giddings

How much? One session of application is £295

The treatment I started to suffer from acne when I was 11, and although it had mostly disappeared by adulthood, I was left with scarring. This facial, described as ‘a micro needling treatment to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin,’ claims to help reduce the impact of scarring and promote natural collagen reproduction. It basically involves laying down and having the dermapen rolled across your face for 45 minutes. It isn’t painful as such, but neither is it the most comfortable.

The results After my first session, my skin felt a little sorer, but the results weren’t immediate. To see real results requires five or so treatments, spaced a few weeks apart. So it’s time consuming, and it’s not cheap, but in my opinion it’s really worked. 


Hydra Peel Infusion Facial 

Hydra peel infusion facial ()


Where? Linia Skin Clinic, Harley Street

Who? Victoria Portnoi

How much? £150-£250

The treatment I had no idea what to expect from a Hydra Peel facial, and the word ‘peel’ alarmed me. As I was introduced to a skin doctor rather than a beautician, I realised this wasn’t going to be an ordinary facial. He explained that they were essentially going to spray vitamins onto my skin. The doctor then introduced me to a man with the most perfect skin I’ve ever seen, who did the facial. I lay down and for the next half hour, was blasted with a jet spray so forceful and cold, it was akin to being in a blizzard. Not relaxing but weirdly refreshing. The strangest thing was that my face wasn’t wet at all.

The results My skin felt soft and plump, and I bounced out with a spring in my step. A thoroughly bizarre, strangely uplifting experience that felt like it had done wonders for my skin for the next few days.,


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