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Manscape gardener

Spa owner Cynthia Chua helps to sort out your downstairs mix-up and we pick out some of our top trimming products.

Manscaping, WTF?! 

Getting your body hair under control has never been easier, so if you’re a bit unkempt in the fuzziness stakes it could be time to sort it out. Not convinced? Type ‘Tom Selleck beach’ into Google. Need we go on?

You’ve got a point. What do I do?

It depends how involved you want to get and how hirsute you are, but you could trim your chest, spruce up your underarms, clean up your back and shoulders. 

Mate, that’s my whole body!

You know what they say, go big or… seriously though, no one is suggesting you torch the full-on forest, simply groom the grass so you’re sporting a uniform density for a tidier, smoother look. 

Besides shaving, what hair removal options are there?

Investing in a decent electric trimmer is a great place to start – there’s plenty of easy stuff you can do in the privacy of your own bathroom. Hair removal creams are inexpensive, quick and fairly idiot-proof, too. But for larger, more dense areas like the back and chest, waxing, laser treatment or electrolysis may be better. 

Before you ask, laser hair removal is a semi-permanent method that uses beams of filtered light to disintegrate hair from the root. Very Star Trek. But it only really works with people with light skin and dark hair. With electrolysis, an electric current is applied with a fine needle-shaped electrode into each hair follicle to destroy the root. The results are permanent. 

That sounds utterly terrifying. You’re saying I should seek professional help?

Definitely. If you’re interested in finding out if laser hair removal or electrolysis could be a good option for you, it’s worth having a consultation with a therapist as both methods require regular, multiple sessions and are expensive. In theory you could have a go at waxing yourself, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The therapists at Ministry Of Waxing ( are as good as they come. They provide squeezy stress relief toys to help you relax and are ninjas when it comes to getting hair off as quickly and as painlessly as possible. “Our salons are incredibly unisex and we perform all our treatments on male and female clients,” explains Ministry Of Waxing CEO Cynthia Chua. “All our wax-perts go through a strict bootcamp of vigorous training.”

Waxing, that must hurt like hell…

Admittedly there’s some discomfort, especially if this is your virgin experience,” says Chua. “But our speciality hot wax is uniquely devised for treating sensitive areas as it helps to minimise discomfort. Afterwards the hair will not grow back for three to six weeks and, when it does, it will be softer and finer than before.” Trust us, you can take it.   

You’re telling me I should be waxing my pubes?

Ah, yes, the legendary boyzilian. If you want to reap the rewards of hair-free and hygienic nether regions, then you’re just going to have to grit your teeth for that one, son. Besides, it’s a fairly quick affair and the results are worth it. “Not having pubic hair comes with lots of benefits,” says Cynthia. “You perspire less and feel more comfortable and it gives the ‘extra optical inch’, too.” 

It’s gonna make everything look bigger you say? How often will I need to do it?

Just like maintaining a hairstyle, manscaping takes commitment. But do it regularly and it will soon slot into your grooming routine without too much hassle. Chances are the payoff will be so pleasing you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.


Trimming tools

You can de-fuzz in your own home with the right kit.


Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3080

Braun ()

This five-star head to toe trimming kit, complete with nine attachments, makes manscaping ridiculously easy. 



Veet For Men Hair Removal Cream

Veet manscaping ()

Remove unwanted body hair in the shower in just four minutes. Check Amazon reviews for extra info.



Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Ingrown Hair/Splintertweeze

Tweezers manscaping ()

Hair removal can cause painful ingrown hairs. So just ease them out. 



Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown treatment manscaping ()

Next, prevent those ingrowers and irritation with this soothing superhero treatment.



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