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Your new liquid diet

Pop water-borne wheelies with this stunt-loving water craft

In recent years, the Jet Ski has become the preserve of tubby billionaires as they potter about the marinas of Monaco. So, to entice young extreme sports fans back into the saddle, Sea-Doo has come up with this beauty. The 2017 Spark Trixx is designed for performing awesome freestyle tricks such as tailstands. One punch of the throttle and you’ll be flying through the air. Hoverboard? What Hoverboard?

Sea-doo Spark Trixx ()



The ground-breaking super-light hull means the Spark Trixx can be fitted with a smaller, Rotax engine. This means that, a) it goes like a rocket, and b) it’s slightly more affordable.

Sea-doo Spark Trixx ()



The Spark Trixx jets out water at a sharp angle, so you can pull it up into a vertical tailstand, spin it around on the spot or even loop-the-loop. If you can find a crowd, they’ll almost certainly go wild.