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How to get the perfect shave

Pall Mall Barbers Master Barber, Erin Wentworth, shares her steps for re-creating the ultimate shave at home...

Step 1

The ideal preparation for a shave is to open the pores and soften the bristles by either having a hot shower or using a hot towel. You can also re-create this effect using the Pall Mall Barbers Pre Shave Scrub (£22) which opens the pores and removes dead skin cells with prickly pear seed oil and Amazonian guarana seeds oil.

Step 2

So many men forget to prepare the skin and it’s a key step in giving you that final smoothness of your shave. Using a small amount of the Pall Mall Barbers Shaving Oil (£22) massaged gently into the chin and cheeks, creates the perfect base for the next stage.

Step 3

A shaving cream without nasty, skin drying chemicals is a must for avoiding irritation and redness. Our Pall Mall Barbers Shave Cream (£22) is made with jojoba oil and prickly pear seed oil. A trick that is also often missed is the use of a proper shaving brush. It works to work up a thick, smooth lather. A good quality brush also helps to lift up the hairs and stimulate the skin before shaving to give a fantastic result.

Step 4

If you come to one of our stores, we use a cut throat razor. Nowadays, cut throats have generally been replaced with safety razors but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality at home shave with one of these. Invest in a good quality razor like The St. Paul’s Chrome Horizontal Grip Butterfly Safety Razor (£45). You’ll want to get the blades of the razor warm by running under hot water. As you get to know your own face you will discover which direction gives the best results and this may will vary for different part of your face. Frequently wash off the lather either under a tap or in a basin to keep the blades clean.

Step 5

When you are satisfied that you have achieved a good clean shave, rinse the face with cool water to close the pores and rinse off residue. You could finish off using the Pall Mall Barbers Cooling Gel (£22) to reduce any irritation.

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