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Pimp my washbag

It’s time to upgrade your basic grooming gear for 2016

Your gym bag is getting crusty from old cosmetics and your roll-on deo stopped feeling all slick and nice weeks ago. Don’t worry about it. These are first-world 21st-century man problems, and we have found the first-world 21st-century man solution: buy these six items. 

Elemis Sharp Shower Bodywash (Elemis)


This refreshing body wash is the perfect way to cool down after a workout. The spearmint and peppermint oils will stink the whole changing room out (in a good way) and tingle on your skin, while the creamy formula will rehydrate skin after it’s been getting sweaty.
Elemis Sharp Shower Body Wash, £21 elemis.com 

Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Treatment Gel (Anthony)


Sweaty,red-faces are a sign of a great workout, but less than ideal if you’re heading out after the gym. Freshen up your face with this cool gel moisturiser for a brighter appearance.
Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Treatment Gel, £38 mankind.co.uk 

Kent Handmade Comb (Kent)


This nifty comb is an essential grooming tool for your washbag. It folds down to a nice compact size which means styling your hair on the go isn’t a problem.
Kent Handmade 100mm Folding Comb, £4.95 feelunique.com 

Tom Ford Noir Deoderant Stick (Tom Ford)


If the humble and unscented anti-perspirant is James Milner(solid, effective, necessary), the Tom Ford Noir is your Paul Pogba; it’ll do the dirty work well and has the ability to change the game.
Tom Ford Noir Deodorant Stick, £27 mankind.co.uk 

Escentric Molecule 01 (Escentric)


You’re going for a few post-workout drinks. Your problem is that you want to be sure that you smell good despite a hard day at your desk, but you can’t face lugging around your full-size bottle of aftershave. Well you don’t have to with this handy travel-size cologne from Escentric Molecules. Same great smell, just smaller.
Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Refi, £27 (30ml) liberty.co.uk 

Sachajuan Hair Wax  (Sachajuan)


This non-greasy wax is easy to use to create defined styles in seconds. It’s pliable, so you won’t be wrestling to get it on, and can be used on wet or dry hair. It smells great and will moisturise your hair too.
Sachajuan Hair Wax, £20 mrporter.com


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