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Call in the professionals

Getting ready to hit the beach is no mean feat for most of us. It takes time, dedication and a bit of a break from lying on the sofa watching Netflix. But don’t worry if you need a push in the right direction. There’s an army of experts ready and waiting to prepare you for those sunlounger selfies. 

The Tan Man

If there’s anyone who knows just how a spray tan can sculpt, contour and create the body of a gladiator, it’s James Harknett, who’s tanned the likes of David Gandy and One Direction.

“Many men come to me to enhance the look they achieve from working out,” says James. “The shaded skin defines muscle tone and instantly gives a more athletic effect.” 

James’ appointments at London’s W Hotel Away Spa take just 30 minutes, including a consultation to figure out your tanning needs.

“Afterwards I dry the client with warm air so they can get dressed straight away and go about their day,” he explains. Can’t make it to James? Find somewhere local, but take his advice: “Do your research and explain what kind of tan you’d like. Don’t forget to say you don’t want it too dark on the face.” 

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The Foot Fixer

We can all be forgiven for neglecting our feet. But if putting them in a slider will be the first time you’ve given them a second look since, er, last summer, then they probably need a professional once-over. Don’t be shy, a pedicure is an easy and relaxing treatment.

“A male pedicure is about the whole foot rather than just the nails,” says Bharat Parmar, Managing Director at Genco Male Grooming. “The idea is to restore them to soft, smooth feet, with neat and healthy-looking nails and skin.

In an hour, feet are soaked and exfoliated before hard skin is sloughed away and callouses are removed. Nails are cleaned, neatened and buffed, and the skin is nourished with a mask and moisturiser.” In other words, you get to sit back at stream some TV on your phone while your therapist works their magic.

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The Sweat Buster

Ever spent time on a hot day in the men’s room aiming the hand dryer at your pits? Then you’ll be relieved to know you no longer have to fear those bastard sweat stains. The most common non-surgical treatments for excessive underarm perspiration are Botox injections, which last three to six months, and miraDry, which gives lasting results.

“Botox works by relaxing the muscles, while miraDry uses microwave technology to destroy the sweat glands in the targeted area,” explains Kelli-Anne Mottalini, Medical Aesthetician at the PHI Clinic.

These treatments don’t come cheap – expect to pay about £500 – but if wet patches are the scourge of your summer, then it’s money well spent. 

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50% of Flab

Those stubborn love handles not shifting? A fat-freezing treatment called CoolSculpting could be the answer. This non-invasive procedure, formally called cryolipolysis, focuses on your flabby areas using a kind of vacuum and controlled cooling, which lowers the temperature of the skin to the point where fat cells die. The body then naturally flushes them out.

Perfect for discreet fat removal, CoolSculpting causes minimal discomfort and, bar bruising and temporary swelling, there’s little downtime required afterwards. So if you’ve got 800 quid burning a hole in your pocket you could be on to a winner.

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