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How to get a winning smile

This simple guide will help you to take better care of your teeth


Brush before you eat your brekkie! That’s because if you have anything sugary with your meal (fruit, cereal, yoghurt), you actually need to wait at least 30 minutes after or you’ll weaken the enamel and spread the sugar. Don’t rinse with water either, or you’re just washing away the fluoride. Simply brush for two minutes, then spit out the excess paste.


Using a mouthwash once a day is a good step to great teeth and gums, and good breath. But you don’t want to use a rinse straight after brushing because, again, it’ll wash away the fluoride in the paste that’s left on the teeth. Take a small bottle to work – we like Listerine’s Total Care mini, £1.25 for 95ml – and use it after lunch for fresh breath and to remove bacteria.


Time for your second brush of the day. Another two minutes, brush and spit (no rinse or mouthwash until right before bed). Now you need to get rid of all the gross bits of food that are trapped between your teeth. You might not be able to see them, but these leftovers that the brush misses will stay there all night and start to decay, and this can cause erosion between teeth.

Want some pro advice for looking after your gnashers? Check out Dr Adam Thorne's top tips for keeping your teeth white.


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