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How to look after your hair

Mikey Pearson, co-owner of London’s new hotspot barbers, Manifesto, tells us how to look after our hair

What are your tips for looking hot now that winter is here?

I’d definitely suggest using a good facial moisturiser such as Haeckels Eco Marine Extract Facial Cream (£48) to protect the skin from cold weather. It’s a natural brand from Margate and one of only two businesses in the UK licensed to use English seaweed in their products. And seaweed knows how to weather any weather. It’s also good to wear a hat in the winter to keep warm but only if it’s not 100 per cent needed. Friction on the hair / scalp can increase thinning. 

Should we be doing anything different to look after our hair during the winter months?

I’d recommend conditioning it more during the winter months to help prevent damage. Not every conditioner will make your hair too soft and shiny. Surf Conditioner by Bumble & bumble (£21) is a great matt everyday one that also adds texture.

Are beards in or out?

Some people say they’re out, some say they’re in. I say, if you want a beard, just have one!

What’s your best advice for someone trying to grow a beard right now?

Don’t give up. I hear many men saying it gets too itchy. Itchiness is caused by dry skin under the beard so make sure you use a good beard oil. This product doesn’t just add moisture to the beard but also to the skin. I’m going to recommend Haeckels again; their Sailors Beard Oil (£34) is all 100 per cent natural ingredients and it smells great. 

What tools should we have in our party kit this December?

Definitely a great comb. I never use brushes on men’s hair as they tend do create an unnatural look. Your fingers are as good as any brush. If you do want to use a brush, I would recommend using a vent brush; in my eyes it’s the brush that will give you the most natural finish.

Should we wet shave in winter or is it too harsh on the skin?

There’s no harm in having a wet shave during the winter as along as you use good quality products and moisturise well every day.

How do you change your grooming routine in the winter?

I always let my hair and beard grow out a bit. I make sure I don’t use too much hair product in case I need to wear a hat.

Winter man tans – yes or no?

If you are lucky enough to be able to get away somewhere hot this winter, great. If not, keep it natural.

What’s the easiest hairstyle to do yourself for the office party in the work loos?

The wet look. There are plenty of toilets kicking about and I’m sure you can find a fellow colleague who will be more than happy to help by pulling the chain. Second option: I think the easiest style is a matte natural look with texture. Bumble & bumble have a product called Thickening Crème Contour (£23) which removes fluffiness and gives great natural texture to lived-in hair. So perfect to be added after a day in the office.

What’s your signature scent

100% IRIDIUM by Tom Daxon (£105). It’s not an overpowering scent but lasts long and smells great. Also, as it’s a bespoke independent brand, you will stand out from the crowd.

Hair predictions for 2017…

I think we will be seeing longer lengths, working with the client’s natural texture. Think less 1940s slick backs and more Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.

Need some help managing your mane? These grooming products may be what you need.   


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