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The hair clinic with Hiro Miyoshi

Top hairdresser Hiro Miyoshi answers your questions...

How do I get luscious long hair? I mean, I know I have to grow it, but how do I cope with that awkward in-between stage?

Patience is the key, your hair will go through different stages that can drive you insane but there are a few ways to make the process of growing your hair easier. Use treatments regularly on your hair, especially if it is dry or damaged, as you will want it to be in the best condition possible when you are growing it.

Continue to have your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks as well. Even though it may sound surprising to cut your hair while you are growing it, you actually need to make sure your hair is not splitting at the ends because this can make the process take longer.

For men who are trying to grow their hair out it is all about using the right products. The right shampoo and conditioner, designed specifically for men, is a good start, especially if they have an active lifestyle, as keeping the scalp and hair follicles clean and treated will help to enhance the natural growth.

I would recommend the Oribe Ultra Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, (both £24 spacenk.com) perfect for regular use and very light which keeps the hair fresh without weighing it down making it limp and lifeless.

What can you use on limp, lank hair to give it a bit of volume? 

I would suggest a texturing beach spray, easy to apply and helps to quicken the styling process. Spritzing the product at the root only, you can either blow dry it with a round brush or leave it to dry naturally for a more tousled look. This will add extra volume to hair and make it look thicker.

Should men be hair-drying or air-drying? 

This all depends on the individual, I am a fan of both depending on the hair type and desired look. Leaving the hair to air-dry is good as it gives the hair a break from the heat of a blow-dryer, which definitely helps when trying to grow your hair. With use of the right products, when applied to damp hair and left you will have an effortless look.

If you have natural wave or curl a mousse is a great product to apply to enhance the natural fall of the hair. If your hair is more straight or coloured and slightly dry then a serum applied from the mid-lengths to the ends will stop the hair from looking frizzy or frazzled when left to dry naturally.

Should guys ever use hair-straighteners to tame frizz?

You don’t necessarily have to use straighteners. Investing in a good serum will be really  beneficial, adding the serum to the hair when it is damp and then using the blow-dryer to dry it will help to tame down the frizz without using the heat of straighteners.

How often should we shampoo and condition hair? 

As men’s hair is shorter they should wash their hair every 2-3 days. This all depends on their use of products in the hair and their lifestyle; if they feel like they need to wash it more frequently they should invest in a shampoo that is good for moisture as over-washing the hair can strip it of its natural nutrients leaving it feeling dry and limp.


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