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Mate, lend us your tweezers: Jack Fairbrother

Guitarist Jack Fairbrother of Natives talks touring essentials and surviving the festival season.

Going on tour means being away for big chunks of time, how much do you take with you on the road?

I’ve been trying to slim down how much I take with me. It depends on the length of the tour and access to laundry services but it’s almost always a suitcase and a daypack. I have a big list that I’ve added to over time so I don’t forget anything.

Who can grow the strongest facial hair out of you guys?

That’s a bone of contention! Greg has far more facial hair than the rest, but I would argue mine is more stylish.

What’s your fave aftershave?

Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’, it’s got a fresh vibe and isn’t too stifling.

Who takes the longest getting ready pre-gig?

We’re all pretty quick, but Jim gets ready about an hour before the rest of us.

Do you moisturise?

Yes. Touring can be pretty brutal on your body and I’ve found moisturising after a post-show shower stops you feeling so haggard the next morning.

Who are your style icons?

Thundercat, Kamasi Washington and Wes Borland all have a cool vibe.

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What are your festival essentials?

Wet wipes, deodorant and extra socks to keep you fresh if you can’t shower, and Berocca so you get those good old vitamins.

Shower or no shower at festivals?

That depends on the length of time until the next showering opportunity. If we’re in a hotel, then most definitely.

Can you share any good hangover cures with us?

In my experience there are two things which work: sleep it off and hair of the dog. 


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