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The tools: Tried and tested

When you use something every day, it needs to be up to the job. We put the tools of the trade through their paces

Braun Body Hair Trimmer

Tested by  Thomas Byrne

Hairy or smooth? It’s a daily dilemma. The Braun Body Hair Trimmer (£39.99) complicates the quandary. Wet or dry? Electric or manual? I put those questions to my groin. It answers “smooth”, “dry” and “electric”. 14 hours charge gives 50 minutes juice. It’s over in seconds. No chafe, no rash, nowhere to hide. Nifty shaped head for under arms and down south.

Oral B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush

Tested by Zoe Birdsall

The ‘genius’ comes from the fact the brush monitors your brushing. Download an app, attach a phone-holding gizmo to your mirror, set up your camera and brush. The Bluetooth position detection technology tells you where you need to focus on. It’s strangely addictive and means you spend more time brushing. At £280, it’s a hefty investment, but it could save on dentist visits when you’re old.

Grooming products ()


Slentertone Abs Belt

Tested by Amy Hanbidge

If (as claimed) the impact of 30 minutes use of this belt on your abs is equivalent to 200 sit-ups, it sounds like a much easier option. The app is easy to set up, and the belt is comfortable to wear despite the fact it electrically stimulates muscles. At first it feels strange – like a cramping sensation – but you get used to it. After six weeks, I’ve noticed a difference. If you have £179.99 to spare, go for it.

Philips One Blade

Tested by Sean Julliard

The lightweight design and waterproof handle make this suitable for wet or dry use. The long neck and traditionally shaped head make light work of those hard-to-reach spots under the jaw, especially when clean shaving. For someone who doesn’t have a charging socket in the bathroom, the 45-minute battery life proved a downside. And the detachable combs don’t handle long hair brilliantly. But overall, at £34.99, this is good value for money.

Tweezerman Slant tweezers

Tested by Matt Lizzimore

Using tweezers is frustrating. They’re often too flimsy, or the ends don’t meet properly and you can’t actually do tweezing. Not these. At £20.95, they’re a quality product, which is an odd thing to say about a pair of tweezers. They felt solid, and no hair can escape its vice-like grip. I even managed to remove a splinter from my finger. Winner.


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