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Miracle Hangover Cures

John Wharff from grooming blog mr-wharff.com shares his top cheats to get you looking great on the outside, when you’re suffering on the inside.

Freshen Up

Banish B.O. with Wash With Joe, £24

“It’s not just a Costa Coffee fix that’s essential the morning after – the caffeine in this invigorating coffee-mint body wash is a natural deodoriser. It will deal with booze fumes,but also – because it’s infused with energising pure distilled peppermint oil and moisturising pro-vitamin B5 – it will give your tired,grey skin a much needed wake-up call.”

Get Ahead

Ditch the just-got-out-of-bed look with Jack Dean Finishing Pomade, £8.50

“You may have spent an extra half hour in bed this morning, but no one will ever know with this classic finishing pomade from Denman. Jam-packed with soothing coconut oil and super-nourishing Japanese camellia oil, it will leave your hair looking groomed and feeling hydrated. Plus, it offers long-lasting hold and it smells great too – just in case you fancy another night out later on!”

Quench a Thirst

Hydrate your skin with Elemis Daily Moisture Boost, £29

“A banging headache and non-stop cans of coke aren’t the only signs of a night out. The skin is the largest organ in the body and alcohol can leave it severely dehydrated, looking tight and dry. Elemis Daily Moisture Boost’s blend of natural citrus oils will revive the skin and expel fatigue, while its milk of chestnut and bamboo extracts give an extra-deep moisturise. As it’s ultra-soothing it’s also ideal to use after a close shave.”

Scrub Up

Look energised with Scaramouche And Fandango Face Scrub, £8

“This simple, great-value exfoliator is one of the hardest working weapons in any man’s bathroom. It contains tiny micro beads to scrub away lingering toxins, prickly cactus extract to deliver a powerful firming effect, and chronodyn ™ an ingredient that instantly energises exhausted skin. Save precious time by using this product in the shower. Use twice a week, and definitely when hungover, and you’ll notice a massive difference to your skin.”

Brighten Up

Dark circles will be gone in a flash thanks to Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away, £21.95

“This handy little buy will instantly cool and soothe give away dark circles. Equipped with a jade ball known to have high traces of calcium and magnesium, it contains stimulating ginseng to promote production of collagen and boost blood circulation, and the wrinkle busting royal jelly, has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. Puffy eyes need this.”