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Mark Wood talks style and grooming

In our regular grooming interview, England cricketer Mark Wood tells us about his leg shaving habit

Who are your style icons?

It’s got to be David Beckham. Although I dress nothing like him, and wouldn’t try to copy him – he’s just a cool bloke, I reckon.

What are you wearing when you’re not training or playing cricket?

I tend to be pretty casual, so maybe a hoody and a pair of trainers. New Balance, obviously!

What do you use in your hair?

Matt clay. Slip slap slop, push it back at the front. Job done.

Any grooming fails you can share with us?

If I shave too much, I don’t look a day older than 12! I also shave my left ankle up to my calf for taping it up. In hot countries, or in shorts weather, it’s not really a fashion statement having one half-shaven pipe cleaner of a leg.

What’s your signature scent?

Chanel, Allure. I’ve used this for a while, and tend not to wear much else.

Which teammate spends the longest getting ready?

Steve Finn. London lad, London look. Compare that to Ben Stokes who has no look and basically isn’t bothered.

Do you enjoy any grooming treats – a nice face mask maybe? 

What’s a face mask!? Maybe Sam Billings and the southern softies have stuff like that, but us northerners have a reputation to uphold.