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Dress Like Dris

OK, here’s the set-up: supremely talented actor slash everything Idris Elba has an ongoing collaboration with Superdry. This year, they’ve produced a new line of sportswear, and they invited FS to a private viewing of the range at their Regent Street store. This might be alright.

Some product ranges pegged around a celebrity come with a distinct whiff of bullshit. You can enroll at Trump University, smell like Bruce Willis with Die Hard cologne and build your own firewall with Snoop Dogg’s Norton Antivrus software.

When FS arrives at the Regent Street store15 minutes early, the glass doors are locked. The shop is closed. Two things then happen instantaneously. A guy dressed in black from top to toe appears next to me just as a shop assistant appears with the keys to let us inside. There’s an analogy somewhere here about the President boarding Air Force One just as the engines start.

Elba has just won a slew of honours for his roles in Luther and Beasts Of No Nation. He’s a proper east end Londoner, 43, and something of a global megaceleb.

Any idea that he is involved in some kind of cash-for-name deal is instantly dispelled by the fact he’s here in person to front up the whole operation. It is his idea of a 24-hour collection that underpins everything.

“You know what it’s like,” he tells me. “You want something that works just as well at midnight as it does first thing in the morning.”

I can’t shake the nagging doubt that Idris Elba looking good in his clothes might not translate me looking good in his clothes. Idris Elba looks magnificent. But the only people who look like Idris Elba are Idris Elba, and that American guy who played Stringer Bell in The Wire.

I do not share the physical characteristics of Idris or Stringer. So how the devil could I pull off a look created in his image?

I ask him what I should buy, and he immediately starts rifling through the hangers. For the next 60 seconds, I’ve got the world’s most famous personal shopper. Elba grabs a red leather jacket and holds it up against me, adding a white T-shirt underneath. He suggests pairing them with black skinnies and I’m sold.

See what works for you at, or at selected Superdry stores


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