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When should you buy new running shoes?

Planning to buy a new pair of running shoes? Our friends at have five key questions you need to answer first...

1 – Do you need a new pair of shoes?

Research has found that most running shoes have up to 500 miles in them, so keep a record of your runs to work out when you need a new pair.

2 – Do you need some specialist shoes?

Most sports stores will offer you the option to have a gait analysis, which will involve you running on a treadmill while they assess the way your foot lands. It’s simple, usually taking around 30 minutes, and will let you know whether you need special shoes.

3 – What surface are you running on?

For pavements, a standard pair of road running shoes will be fine, but for parks, countryside and other uneven terrain, you’ll need a trail shoe.

4 – How far are you running?

If you’re training for a marathon, you may need a completely different pair of shoes than you would if you’re chasing a 5K PB.

5 – How much are you planning to spend?

The most expensive shoes aren’t necessarily the best, but be careful of cheap shoes that aren’t made by running or sports specialists. 

adidas Supernova men's trainers ()

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