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Want to be a PT?

If you’re thinking about becoming a personal trainer, it’s time to think about how you’re going to build more than just a client list. These days, having a brand is essential, and group training has become an effective method of making extra cash in the same time as it does to train one client. Here are a few helpful pointers that I’ve learned from building the GoFitGoBox brand.

Make a business plan

When I left working as a trainer within the gym, I made myself a business plan before anything else. Being goal-orientated is so important, and breaking it down into manageable chunks is the key to success. When I opened my gym in 2013, these were my goals:

0-12 months: build my client base (schedule 15-20 hours PT work a week), convert clients from the gym into my own. Build group sessions (15 people a time) and price competitively. This might mean discounting sessions, giving away my time for free and creating competitions. Use your client’s time to implement your own theories and maintain consistency – don’t form bad habits. 

12-18 months: now my client base is growing steadily, use social media more to build a brand. Add channels such as YouTube and Instagram (they’re free). Make contact with traditional media outlets, too. PR is so important.

18-36 months: it’s all about volume now and continuing to expand my client base. Reapply my efforts within the community and be consistent with advertising. Expansion of business means adding trainers to your team to share out the workload. Add athletes to my roster as that’s been my goal all along.

36+ months: time to look for another location to add another branch of GoFitGoBox. Dream big.

Wise up, time it right

As the old saying goes, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Don’t fret if you have no clients and a free afternoon – get on social media and plug yourself, and take the time out to keep learning. The best piece of advice is to always keep investing in yourself. Go book yourself on a course, for instance. 

Get some knowledge. Plenty of courses these days are cheap and accessible. It’s no good just having a certificate on the wall – implement this knowledge into your training, and use trial and error.

Once you’ve educated yourself, start to educate your clients, keep them on the right track and just help to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Help yourself

Be realistic with yourself, and realise what your priorities are at this stage. Early on, it should be about group sessions. Not only are you maximising your profit line, but they broaden your experience quickly. Your programming will become more flexible to cater for different needs and your knowledge will be more rounded, too.

Structure your working day effectively, and don’t rush things. If you rush, it’ll impact negatively on your clients. Take an hour off if you need it, eat properly and train yourself, rather than squeezing in another client. You need to stay fresh and alert for them, as well as for your own well-being. 

Be social

Social media is the best way for you to build a following. People will recognise you helping others. Have a strategy for your content, and think about timing what you post and why – posting a workout mid-morning won’t be as well received as one early evening as people head to the gym after work.

Don’t be afraid to do a little work for free. Helping people can give you immeasurable amounts of experience. Don’t keep it confined to the web either – friendly pointers and advice face-to-face will help build a positive reputation.

Expert - Cameron Goff

T & I: @cameron_gfgb



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