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Up your tennis game // workout

Wimbledon will no doubt make millions of us pick up a racket – and tennis can provide the ultimate workout. LTA coach Dean Tannon explains how...


“The key to powerful shots is rotating the lower back, and generating explosive movement from the upper back that carries through the racquet. Use a cable row machine to do rotational cable rows, starting from a squat and diagonally pulling the cable across and up. It uses the same set of muscles, and you can increase the weight load to build more.”

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“Tennis players need forearm and grip strength to be able to endure hours of holding a racket and not only absorbing the power their opponent has generated, but also creating their own. Use dumbbells to do wrist curls and extensions, use your bodyweight to do pull-ups, and pull a weighted cable row towards your chest.”


“Your trunk does most of the work when you hit a tennis ball, and it keeps you balanced as you move around the court. This means that players need to focus on core strength, extension and rotation at the gym – usually with floor exercises like bicycle crunches, barbell rollouts and planking.”

Serena Williams Wimbledon 2016 ()



“Constantly changing directions from side to side, and forwards and backwards to get into the right positions, means you need to use your lower body to push off fast. Loaded back squats with a weighted barbell places the weight on the posterior half  – the hamstrings and glutes will build strength.”


“You have to make small adjustments in positioning once you get to the ball, which means constantly being on your toes and using your calves to balance and shuffle your feet. This means using a press machine to push weights at the gym, and using a balance board to engage your calves.”


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