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Mix-up madness

Try something different with Richard Tidmarsh’s 45-minute hybrid workout.

While a sedentary lifestyle is no good for your fitness, not everyone can spend several hours a week honing the minutiae of fitness. Most of us need something more flexible that can still help us to get fitter, stronger and faster.

Enter Bulletproof ambassador Richard Tidmarsh, an expert trainer in the art of strength, fitness and mobility. He’s compiled another full-body workout that can be done in just 45 minutes, one that will boost your physical strength and power, increase your mobility and flexibility, and boost cardio fitness.

The workout is made up of two mobility movements that will warm you up, two large compound strength exercises that are supersetted, and two conditioning drills that will up your heartrate for improved fat burn.

Do this twice a week, and a more complete you is just months away.


A three-tier, full-body workout that covers all areas of fitness in just 45 minutes.


Because your time is precious and you need to do as much as possible, as quickly as possible.


Using six exercises that cover mobility and flexibility, strength and cardiovascular conditioning per session, twice a week.


These exercises follow the ‘animal flow’ principle, which will boost total musuclar flexibility, stability and neuromuscular communication, across the full body. These movements incorporate various bodyweight exercise elements, including yoga, and despite looking a little different, are extremely simple to execute. 


Richard Tidmarsh Workout ()


Technique Start in a press-up postion and bring one knee forward to your opposite wrist. Push your leg back and up in a circular motion, straigthen your arms and let your heel come back over your body, then down again for a rep.

4 reps (each side) // 60 secs rest // 4 sets



Richard Tidmarsh Workout ()


Technique Starting in a ‘dog down’ pose (knees on the floor), slide back onto your hands and feet. Bring one leg forward to the outside of your arm and the twist your torso back, raising your arm in the air for one rep.
4 reps (e/s ) // 60 secs rest // 4 sets



You can gain ultimate functional strength in the legs, chest, posterior chain and core by using these two kettlebell exercises after your mobility phase. Superset them for speed, by doing one set of kettlebell squats and moving straight into the chainsaws without taking
a break.


Richard Tidmarsh Workout ()


Technique Start with a kettlebell in either hand, racked over your arms. Squat down so your bum passes parallel and then drive back up through your heels. Stand up straight, opening your hips for one rep.

8-10 reps // 60 secs rest // 3 sets



Richard Tidmarsh Workout ()


Technique With feet planted shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and lower your trunk to the floor, placing one arm on your chest and another on a kettlebell. In one movement, pull the kettlebell up to your chest and down again.

8-10 reps (e/s) // 60 secs rest // 3 sets



You need only a set of battle ropes, a slam ball and a mighty pair of lungs to finish off your workout and up your heart rate enough to help you burn fat. 


Richard Tidmarsh Workout ()


Technique: Start standing up holding a slam ball. Drop down into a squat, and gently fall onto your backside, rolling back so your feet touch the floor. Roll forwards, stand up and slam the ball onto the floor. 

60 secs AMRAP (e/s) // 60 secs rest // 4 sets



Richard Tidmarsh Workout ()


Technique Holding one end of a battle rope in each hand, drop into a press up position and then to the floor. Stand up and then explode into the air, doing a rope slam. Drop down for another rep.

60 secs AMRAP // 60 secs rest // 4 sets


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