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The Ultimate hangout

Calisthenics can look a little daunting, but it’s the all-inclusive nature of the form that has driven so many people to take up the practice in the past couple of years.


A no-nonsense bodyweight workout that will build strength in the chest and core, using nothing but the Olympic rings.


The Olympic rings are a fantastic tool for building strength, as well as muscles you never knew you had.


Using several calisthenic staples to build the core and chest, two of the hardest-working muscle groups in the discipline.

According to men like ICON Nutrition athlete Lee Wade Turner, calisthenics is one of the purest ways to build strength and master your own body in all planes of movement. His Recession Proof Body team train people to all kinds of standards, and have come up with a short but seriously challenging Olympic ring workout for anyone looking to give calisthenics a go.

This chest and core builder may look deceptively simple, but it will help give you all the tools you need to start in calisthenics strength-wise. Give it a go, and pare down the reps and sets if necessary, then just build it up from there.

Bulgarian Dips

Technique: Start with the rings set at shoulder height at least. Jump up so your arms are locked out and your palms are facing away from you. Lower yourself, turning your arms until your palms face you and your elbows are at 90 degrees. Reverse the process for one rep.

6 Reps// 2 Mins Rest// 4 Sets