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A lot of front

Bodybuilding as a competitive sport has come a long way from the vein-popping, mass-monster hey-day of the Mr Olympia.

You only have to look on social media to see thousands of young lads buying into the idea of bodybuilding as a sport, and embracing the wellness lifestyle surrounding it. The surge in popularity of the ‘men’s physique’ classes shows how it is advancing, and the lean aesthetic appeals to a much broader range of people than the stereotypical bodybuilding look.

The attraction of the physique class is its attainability. We’ve paired up with UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (UKBFF) junior men’s physique champion Nicholas Budd, and his coach Ben Rowe, to give you a chest, abs and biceps sesh that anyone can do.

This workout promotes growth in the chest and core, and gives the biceps and triceps an extra pump. There’s a mix of rep ranges to follow, which, according to Ben, will focus on gaining full range of motion, promoting muscle growth and improving muscle tone and condition. Keep the intensity high and stretch properly between mini sessions.


A body-split workout UKBFF junior champion Nicholas Budd uses to get ripped


You can hit key muscle groups in just one session – great if you’re short on time


By using muscle-specific exercises to focus on hypertrophy, conditioning and cell swelling of certain areas


For incline press, use rest-pause for two sets, then technical failure. Otherwise aim for technical failure in the first set, then repeat for allotted sets 

Super Incline plate-loaded press ()



Technique When pushing the weight out, keep your elbows out at an angle, and push evenly until fully extended. Slow the tempo to a three-second return.

8-12 reps // 10 secs rest // 3 sets

 Flat bench dumbell press


Technique For a full range, make sure the dumbbells touch your chest at the bottom of the move and fully extend your arms in an arcing motion at the top.

12-15 reps // 90 secs rest // 2 sets 

Incline cable bench flys ()



Technique Pull the stirrups together in a fixed arc movement, keeping your arms slightly bent at the elbow. This focuses the work through the pectorals.

12-15 reps // 90 secs rest // 3 sets 

Elevated press-ups ()



Technique Increase the difficulty of a press-up by raising your feet onto a flat bench.

To failure // 90 secs rest // 2 sets



These variations on the dumbbell curl will be more than sufficient as your biceps workout if done in conjunction with the above chest exercises. 

Dumbell curls ()



Technique Rotate your arm at the elbow as you lift; when the forearm is vertical, your palm is facing your body. Lower at a tempo of three seconds.

8-15 reps (each arm) // 90 secs rest // 3 sets

Cable high curls ()



Technique Keep your shoulders and biceps parallel to the floor, moving your forearms at the elbow to squeeze the biceps. Bring the stirrups to the side of your head.

12-15 reps // 90 secs rest // 3 sets