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Made to measure

Whenever Garmin releases a new watch, we get excited. The tech is always getting better and the design is catching up. The Forerunner 35 is the latest addition to the tech giant’s family, and it boasts Elevate – Garmin’s wrist-based heartrate tracker – and the usual GPS capabilities to help you cycle or run your way to fitness. 

The clever bit is that this watch has been designed to be worn as an activity tracker and style piece, too – like the Apple watch, but a bit cheaper. 

Garmin rear (Promo shot)


The Forerunner 35 can sync with your phone to provide call, text, email and instant message alerts. Brilliant if you can’t be bothered to fish your phone out of your pocket, not so good when you’re sat in work meetings getting alerts as to what your mates are up to.

Garmin watch family (Product)

Garmin Forerunner 35