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Gaming the system

Need an extra push? Tech can turn your workout into an all-action video game...

Sports are fun because they come with guaranteed reward – winning. But since you can’t really ‘win’ a gym session, mustering the motivation can be a struggle.

Gamified fitness tech mixes the best of both of those worlds by lighting up your brain’s ‘pleasure centre’ as if you’d nailed the high score in a video game. But what started with the FitBit is about to get a whole lot more high-tech…



Stealth interactive core trainer ()


The Stealth Interactive Core Trainer wants you to get a six pack by saving the planet. Players get into the plank position, slot their smartphone into the training device, and choose a game.

With the help of the phone’s motion-sensors, you can now use your body as a controller, twisting and turning to blast aliens out of the sky. With your mind focused on high scores rather than reps, you’ll forget that screaming pain in your abs.

From £135 (Due June) gameyourcore.com



Wall Jam ()


Young men have been kicking footballs against garden walls for as long as old men have been angrily shaking their fists. But what if that boring old wall was interactive, measured accuracy and had LED screens with a moving ‘balls-eye’ target? Hells yeah!

Meet the WallJAM Training Wall, a coach, competitor and team-mate all in one. The firm hopes to install the futuristic walls in leisure centres across the UK, so players can start to compete in online leagues.




Burn fat with me app ()


Burn Your Fat With Me! is what happens when you combine a workout app with a sexist Japanese dating simulator. The name of the game is to impress a doe-eyed anime babe by crushing your fitness goals.

She’ll act as your training partner, urging you on to complete the game’s 15 episodes with press-ups and crunches. Fail to break a sweat, and the game’s ‘adorable female’ will break up with you. Never liked her anyway.

£1.49 nensho.net



Zwift ()


A huge hit with sweaty men in garages, this app spices up indoor cycling, turning a training session into a thrilling multiplayer video game. Get yourself a laptop and
a turbo trainer (the A-frame that allows the bike’s back wheel to spin), and fire up Zwift to race against competitors from 150 countries.

The harder you pedal, the faster your online avatar goes – and the quicker you’ll unlock achievements to help you reach the top of the leaderboard.

£8 per month zwift.com



Zombies run game ()


Zombies, Run! is the world’s most popular fitness gaming app, and sees players run around the real world – chased by imaginary zombies. The heart-pounding audio adventure comprises a series of engaging chase sequences that force you to run faster to escape the undead.

Each mission requires players to collect supplies to build a zombie-free fortress. Seriously, it’s so much fun that no matter how cold it is outside, you’ll be gagging for a run.

Free zombiesrungame.com

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