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Shed fat in under 15 minutes // Tabata body blast

James Exton from fitness supremos LDNMuscle shows you how to shed fat in under 15 minutes with a Tabata workout


A sub-five minute Tabata-style bodyweight workout from the boys at LDNMuscle.


It’s immensely efficient, and it can be completed without any gear and wherever you want.


Raising your heart rate drastically in bursts will boost the body’s metabolism and ability to burn fat quickly. 

Want a workout that can be completed in under 15 minutes, but with all the benefits of an hour’s run or a cardio session in the gym? Then look no further than the LDNMuscle’s Tabata-themed workout.

This punchy little burn is only four minutes in length, but super efficient and incredibly versatile – it can be done anywhere. Do these four exercises in 20-second bursts, one after the other for two rounds, with only 10 seconds in between each exercise.

Warm up and cool down by taking a stroll for five minutes (ramping up the pace in the last 90 seconds) either side of the workout, and we promise that you can happily forget about setting foot in the gym that day. 

Burpees LDNMuscle James Exton ()



They don’t just up your heart rate, but build muscle in your legs, chest and abdominals, too.

Technique: Do a press-up, and when you reach your starting position, jump into a crouch, stand up, then do a tuck jump. Return to the press-up position for one rep.

20 secs on // 10 secs rest // 2 rounds 

High knees LDNMuscle James Exton ()



A spring in your step and a light touch when you hit the floor will help your heartrate rocket – just make sure you keep it fast.

Technique: Jump on the spot for 20 seconds, bringing your knees up to waist height each time. Land on the balls of your feet to spring back up quickly again.

20 secs on // 10 secs rest // 2 rounds 

Mountain climbers LDNMuscle James Exton  (Malcolm Griffiths)



A static hold + blistering leg speed = a solid core and less body fat.

Technique: In a press-up position, rapidly bring one leg at a time up so your knee touches your chest. Twist at the waist every time to improve core strength, too.

20 secs on // 10 secs rest // 2 rounds 

Bodyweight squats LDNMuscle James Exton  (Malcolm Griffiths)



These are ace for building glutes and quads, adding an extra dimension to this cardio-based workout.

Technique: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, place your arms across your chest for balance, then squat down so your bum goes past parallel with your knees.

20 secs on // 10 secs rest // 2 rounds 


The expert – James Sexton
James is one quarter of LDNMuscle, class leaders in digital dieting and training. E-guides range from their Bulking Bible to their Cutting Guide, with other volumes and add-ons available.
T: @LDN_Muscle


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