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The complete strength and MetCon workout

It’s no secret that lifting heavy weights will not just pack on lean muscle mass, but stoke your metabolism to burn fat. The problem lies in the fact it all takes a lot of time. Luckily, if you apply Jay Brockway’s philosophy to S&C, there are ways you can supercharge your sessions in the gym and boost your metabolic rate massively at the same time.

Using just four exercises, which combine traditional S&C methodology with the integration of MetCon – metabolic conditioning, a popular protocol in CrossFit – you can hit all the major muscle groups in the body and fire up your metabolism so effectively that it could potentially replace those hours of gruelling cardio.

The idea is to pit your strength against your cardiovascular conditioning, so that means hitting this workout hard and fast. The strength phase of this session uses a superset format, meaning both exercises should be done consecutively before resting for two minutes between sets.

In the MetCon phase, it’s non-stop action. Do five reps of the man makers and seven of the pulls one after the other, with no rest, for ten minutes straight.


One session, four moves, complete strength and metabolic conditioning


Because combining strength and conditioning work in a condensed fashion will build muscle and shed fat – fast


Using just four compound movements in a superset format will recruit masses of muscle, while upping your metabolic rate to burn fat



Squat cleans gif Jay Brockway

A1 – Squat cleans

Technique: Starting in a deadlift position – barbell at your shins, feet hip-width apart – pull the weight up to your thighs and vigorously shrug your shoulders as you pull the barbell up to chest height.

As the bar reaches the top of the move, roll your elbows underneath it, catching the bar on your shoulders.

Immediately drop into a squat as you catch the bar, and return upright, letting the bar hang at the waist, then drop to the floor for one rep.

5 reps // 30 secs rest // 5 sets 

Walking kettlebell lunges Jay Brockway 

A2 – Walking kettlebell lunges

Technique: Start standing upright with two kettlebells racked on your forearms, with your fists meeting at your chests and your elbows at your ribs. Take one stride forward into the lunge, making sure your lead leg’s thigh and your rear leg’s shin are both parallel to the floor.

Maintain a straight back and neck at all times. Drive off the front foot’s heel and return to your starting position for one rep. Switch legs for each rep.

6 reps // 30 secs rest // 5 sets



Man makers Jay Brockway

B1 – Manmakers

Technique: ‘Man makers’ combine a burpee with a renegade row and squat thruster. To start, place two dumbbells on the floor parallel, in front of you. Drop down into a press-up position, taking hold of a dumbbell in each hand.

Do one press-up, widen your stance for balance, then perform one row with either dumbbell. Do another press-up, then perform another row with the alternate dumbbell.

Finish with one more press-up, then stand back up for a clean (dumbbells to shoulder, then drop to a squat). Now back to the press-up position for one rep. Ouch.

5 reps // AMRAP in 10 minutes



Chest to bar pull ups Jay Brockway 

B2 – Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Technique: Using an overhand grip (palms facing away from your body), take hold of a bar and allow your body to hang. Using the hollow body principle (abs braced, don’t let your hips sag), keep your legs rigid and pull yourself up at an angle so your chest reaches the bar. In one controlled movement, lower your body slowly, emphasising the eccentric motion of the exercise.

7 reps // AMRAP in 10 minutes


The expert: Jay Brockway

Jay is one half of Equilibrium training and has the ammunition to get you fit and firing.
W: weareequilibrium.com
T/I: @jaybrockwaypt

Photos: Tom Miles 


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