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Make the most of slam ball

The slam ball is a conditioning tool that has uses far beyond its eponymous function. Throw it, lift it, carry it, sit on it. These rubberised balls of fun come in a variety of weights, and are a shape that makes the weight easier to carry than a bar. They’re perfect for multi-plane exercises that require next-to-no bounce. Try these three exercises to build muscle and burn fat quickly, while letting out a bit of aggression.


Ball slam burpee ()

Hold a ball above your head, dip the knees and drive the ball into the floor. Drop into a press-up position, hands on the ball. Perform a press-up, stand up, and raise the ball above the head.


Chop slams ()


Take a ball in both hands, and get into a half squat. Twist away from the surface you’re throwing the ball at, whip your body back around and throw the ball at the wall, following through with your lead arm.


Laying Slam Ball raises FS magazine ()


Lie on the floor with arms outstretched behind you holding a ball. Ensure arms are fully extended and keep heels on the floor, then raise your upper body up until your body is at 90 degrees.

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Illustrations: Nick Hardcastle