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Road to recovery

In part two of our conditioning special, Ben Davie has got the moves to get you on the mend.

There’s no need to cry into your cup of tea as you stand around with an injury – personal trainer and sports specialist Ben Davie can get you back in action, pronto.

From glute strains to cruciate ligament injuries, the physical demands of most sports that you’ll play can subject you to serious lasting damage. Even after a proper course of physiotherapy, it’s important to incorporate or substitute exercises into your routine that will specifically target these areas that undergo the most stress, and help rebuild them.

These four exercises completed as a kicker to your lower body workout will help build and protect muscles such as glutes, quads, adductors, cruciates, meniscus and hamstrings. If you’re not already on the mend and haven’t received physio, pick and choose the moves that suit your recovery best.


A selection of exercises specifically orientated towards rehabilitating injury, designed with a range of athletes in mind.


Because some of the most common sporting injuries can be treated with a bit of know-how and TLC, without busting the bank using physio.


Four key exercises, used to rehabilitate a selection of muscles that are the most commonly injured.



Kettlebell goblet squat FS magazine

Glutes, hamstrings & adductors

Why? If you’ve had a lay-off of any period, working muscles groups simultaneously will speed up recovery no end. Weighted squats are one of the most effective ways of recovering from a variety of injuries related to the posterior chain.

10-12 reps // 30 secs rest // 3 sets



Single-leg dumbbell deadlifts

Glutes, hamstrings & quadriceps

Why? While large compound lifts are fantastic for building muscle across most of the body, isolating affected muscles is better when recovering from injury. These lifts are perfect for chivvying along the recovery process of the glutes, hamstrings, meniscus and quadriceps.

10-12 reps (each leg) // 30 secs rest // 3 sets



gym ball hamstring bridge

Hamstrings, glutes & knee ligaments

Why? After a period of healing, the dreaded hamstring strain should be tentatively nursed back to health with low-impact lifts and stretches. Hamstring bridges with a gym ball target the aforementioned, but will also help build muscle in the glutes, ACL and MCL (inner knee ligament).

10-12 reps // 30 secs rest // 3 sets