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Be as fit as a porn star

Turns out staying in shape to be an adult film star requires incredible fitness. Tyler Nixon shows us his big… workout

Our chat with Tyler Nixon opened our eyes to the physical commitment it requires off-camera in order to make it in the porn business.

Think you could give it a, err, bash? Read Tyler Nixon’s quide to getting an XXX-rated body: 

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Extra layers in the gym for red hot action

Workout: Cross training

Benefits: Anti-sweating

Hardness: 6/10

“In the gym I wore a lot of clothing—nylon jackets over my sweat suit and sometimes skins under all of that.

“The whole point was to raise my temperature to a seriously high rate while I was working out so I could build up my tolerance to the conditions, and I wouldn’t sweat so much on camera. It was seriously tough and most of the time, I felt like I was going to die, but it was essential prep for what I was going to have to do in front of the camera.

"A lot of people say that seeing a guy drip sweat all over the place [during a scene] is off-putting, so I was always really conscious of that. Plus, the whole thing doesn’t sound very hygienic, and it’s not nice for whoever you’re partnered with.” 

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Calf presses for kitchen table scenes

Workout: Calf presses

Benefits: Lower legs

Hardness: 8/10

“Sometimes we have a scene on a kitchen counter, and the counters are always so damn tall, so sometimes I’m on my toes and using my calf muscles to get through the scene, it’s ridiculous. When I first started, I cramped up really badly and had to cut the scene to rub my calf. After that, I decided to build them up a bit so I did lots of incline running and calf presses on the leg press machine.” 

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Abs for the cowgirl

Workout: Bicycle crunches

Benefits: Core and abs

Hardness: 8/10

“When I’m running, I do ab movements, and I really tighten and swing my torso.

“I do lots of exercises for my abs and core. Some hanging leg lifts, loads of bicycle crunches and there is this vertical crunch machine I like to use sometimes, which is sort of like the hanging leg lift where you pull your legs up but you have more support on your forearms. I’ll do some planking and hold it for around a minute. I think our abs are one of the most important muscles for male porn stars – apart from our genitals.

"Even with positions like the cowgirl, where the girl straddles us, they are putting pressure on that region and we are using our muscles to push up and help them out. It literally depends on how heavy the girl is and how energetic she is as to how much work I’m going to be doing.

“We aren’t just lying there; we are lifting these girls using our whole body. Most positions, we are using our abs to thrust rapidly for a long time and to hold the girls in positions so that the camera can get good shots.” 

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Cardio is key for keeping it up

Workout: Treadmill

Benefits: Stamina

Hardness: 6/10

“My image is based around the boy-next-door thing, so it’s mostly about building stamina to help me get through filming without struggling. Don’t get me wrong, there are heaps of male porn stars out there like bodybuilders but I’m kind of the everyday man.

“When I get into the gym, I’m focusing on cardio so I do two miles on the treadmill.

“Obviously it’s important because just like any athlete we are putting our bodies, our hearts and all our bodily functions through a lot of strain for a long time, but even more so because we have extra blood flowing to our genitals and we have to maintain our erections while working.

“The work in general is aerobic, so I burn a lot of calories, but to replicate that in the gym I do intervals of high intensity sprinting for a minute and a half to two minutes and then I’ll bring it back down for a minute and do it over and over again.

“All this time, I’m keeping my breathing under control like I would during sex. My heart rate is under control and I’m not burning out and sweating too much.” 

Glute kickbacks illustration ()


Glutes and hammies for doggy style

Workout: Glute kickbacks

Benefits: Hip mobility

Hardness: 9/10

“A lot of what I do is about my hips and abs, but also a lot to do with my lower body like my glutes, so I’ll do some floor exercises.

"I’ll get my bands out, attach them to the wall and my ankle, and pull my leg back repetitively – they’re called glute kickbacks, and the resistance of the bands really work that whole area and my hamstrings.

“For that area, I also do split squats, which are kind of like lunges where you start at one side of the room and step forward with one leg and get your trailing knee down to the floor and come back up.

"I do around three sets of 10 reps per side and that helps with my hip mobility. Again, this is helpful for pretty much everything but I guess if you had to put a position to it, I’d say standing doggy style – you’re pretty much engaging and stretching your glute and thigh muscles when your knees are bent and you’re thrusting. If you strengthen that area, you won’t cramp up or get tired, and you can drill your partner pretty hard.” 

Squats illustration ()


Squats for the joyride

Workout: Squats

Benefits: Lower back

Hardness: 7/10

“I do heaps of squats because that is basically replicating what my legs are doing when I do a stand and carry, where the girl is leaning back on her forearms off a table and I have hold of her legs. It has loads of names like Joyride and stuff like that, and I do three sets of 10 reps of those, taking a minute in between each set. I’ll hold a dumbbell and increase the load I’m holding for each set. I guess it also does work my lower back, too. That’s important because all that thrusting and holding girls up does put strain on your back. You don’t want to end up with old-man back pain!” 

Calf press illustration ()


Dead lifts and curls for missionary

Workout: Dumbbell curls

Benefits: Arms

Hardness: 8/10

“For upper body, I do deadlifts and curls with dumbbells, or I’ll get on the machine and do some chest presses and pec decks. I need to strengthen that area because say we are in a reverse cowgirl position and we decide to stand up, I’ll have to lift the girl up with my arms smoothly without looking like I’m struggling because that would look super un-sexy on camera – and these girls aren’t always feather-light! Most of these women weigh anywhere from 100 to 125lb so when I’m doing a shower scene and literally carrying the girl, I have to be able to make it look simple. In those positions, I have to hold her butt and lift her up so she can wrap her legs around me.

“Those positions don’t look great on camera because you can’t see anything, so we just use them while getting into other positions. Sometimes I’m holding those positions for three to five minutes so the director can get some good footage.

“For missionary, I’m holding myself up with my arms, trying to keep my leg back, and not resting on the girl – all to give the camera the optimal view – so that’s heavily reliant on arms as well.”

Illustrations: Bill McConkey


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